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Dinar Daddy: OK… Here’s Something…
2010-10-08 13:42:08


Listen, as you know, I’ve declared I’m NOT going to share much going forward. Many are asking for something, so here’s something…

The economic state of the world is a mess, so anyone thinking this can go on much longer is up in the night.

What do I mean by “much longer”? … anything past Feb of next year…

The IMF/World Bank are meeting this weekend, and you can imagine the”heat” is on for just about every major economy that affects the world’s overall economic health. I expect there to be significant changes this month with many countries’ currencies.

What do I mean by “many countries”? I suspect upwards of 10-20 countries and their currencies to be “adjusted” in a way that will give the world the best chance for a recovery, heavily weighted towards those countries that make the greatest impact… starting with the US and China.

The “news” paints Iraq as a country in turmoil. That is obvious, as they do not have a legitimate, seated government. Don’t believe everything you read in the news about Iraq. As much as it’s important to watch the news, it’s very clear they are using that outlet to deceive and keep us focused on things other than what is really happening.

I believe it is very possible my original stated time line of “by end of Oct” could happen. IF it does happen this month however, it is because the world economy is THAT CLOSE to going below the “line” that will make it difficult for the economic governing body (IMF) of the world to pull the world’s economies out of this mess.

If they can buy time, they will do so… even until Jan or Feb of 2011, but not beyond that. Apparently, I am the ONLY one saying this.

I keep my hope up for the RV to happen this month, and I’ve heard some great and positive “rumors” and “info” from people claiming to have tremendous contacts. I believe they do, but I believe the information they receive, and that which is given them, is not sharing the whole story.

I believe certain powers are playing a “game of chicken” with the economies of the world, and it’s time for the “game” to stop. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get nervous about how long they keep dragging this out.

I’m choosing to KEEP my thoughts on Q1. That way, I get to be surprised if it happens sooner. If not, then I’m good until then. I really need to be surprised. The dreaded posting on my door occured this past week.

For me, I gained a tremendous understanding of what is going on this past week. Just remember this… just because we have concocted these tremendous theories about what is going on and how things need to be before the world collapses, doesn’t mean we are accurate in what we have surmised. There are those who are in power and who are in place to protect the interests of the world’s governments and their economies, and they won’t let it go beyond what is irreparable.

The longer this takes, the more likely we will get a higher payout. Why? Because the economies of the world are falling further and further behind, and as such, they still have room to make the appropriate adjustments in the currencies. Though, this glass is getting full… and something will need to be done before we overflow and start falling behind. As it stands right now, we still have some time…

What do I mean by “some time”? Not much… but I don’t know exactly. If it happens before the 2011, then we’ve run out of time. If it happens in Q1, then we still had a bit more time right now, plain and simple.

There you go… take that and think about it. These are all my thoughts and opinions. I very well could be wrong in MY understanding of things, but I believe I’m pretty close to the truth. This is NOT “intel”…. strictly my understanding of things in general in this mess.

Go Understanding… Go Dinar!