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Member of the Iraqi:the next few days will see a final agreement
2010-10-11 03:50:24

Member of the Iraqi: You do not have any red lines and the next few days will see a final agreement to form a government

A member of the coalition, the Iraqi Abdul Karim Hattab “The coalition will have a meeting with the Kurdish bloc in the next few days, he did not exist any red lines on a block or a political figure.”

He said the woodcutter in a statement singled out by the (News Agency, Iraqi Information / INA) that

The next few we will have a meeting with a coalition of Kurdish groups to negotiate with them on their paper bargaining, stressing that his coalition is close to the Kurdish areas because the more problems that it belongs to the deputies in the Iraqi List, and therefore the solution with us. ”

Acharan and “Iraqi Refuse to exercise any pressure from any party to oust any party of the political process, without exception.. He pointed out that the dialogues with all the political blocs, without exception, are going seriously and there are common understandings with everyone The next few days we will reach a solution and a final agreement to form the next government.