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Frank26 Post: KTF Missions 10/11/10
2010-10-11 03:45:34

Good evening Family,

T minus 82…..or less.

“I told him I would get even with him…………”

When I was a kid it was always a big event to go to the drive in movies. I knew I could stay up late and sample all the junk food that everybody else brought with them. This coming Friday we are being told by the CBI that they will introduce a video explaining to the “innocent” Iraqi citizens what is about to happen to their currency. They will use all forms of media to convey this info………along with those giant screens that they erected last year. I wonder if they will have pop corn and JuJube’s!!! You and I live in the modern world Family and info travels at the speed of the internet. Iraq is about to come out of the stone age but until they do…….her people are very ignorant about their government and banking structure. They don’t even like to use the banks let alone take the risk to vote especially when it didn’t do any good last April. We have told you less of me……….more of God in the last two weeks. We have shared with you NOT to pay attention to any article that comes from the GOI claiming what they want to say……….BUT to pay attention TO WHAT THEY DO. They haven’t done much have they? At least not in front of you. Yet thousands of contracts have been signed with a 3+ rate. So……..we told you we eliminated the months of November and December for the RI/RD. We continue to encourage you to only pay attention to Shabibi and any articles that come from the CBI ……..ONLY!!! We told you the authors of The Plan were done with the GOI when they scored 3 plane touchdowns in the month of September ……..hence we did not care about the GOI any longer because they cared not about us. Are you noticing Family that I am simply repeating myself from the last months? Let’s continue.

We have never trusted the GOI and told you so. I only listen to EF Hutton Shabibi………and we told you so. I went as far as I could from the east to the west to let it be known that ………THE GOI IS ALREADY SEATED !!! Oh Frank how dare you say such a thing? Because……..we told you they run the 2010 budget……….show a surplus for 2011 budget…………sign over 5000 contracts……….release their own silly bugs bunny rabbit articles using the words “government or parliament” in their interviews that discuss selecting a PM. Even to nominate a PM you need a parliament……….silly bugs bunny rabbits! We told you the government that pretends today as interim is the government that will be announced for the long term……and it will be. But you are supposed to pretend that there is no such creature prowling on the hearts of Iraqi citizens. Last month we talked of Martin Luther King and said all they need is a heart full of grace. We suggested they may protest ………….by peace. By coincidence because we had Nothing to do with it of course………4000 Iraqi citizens hit the streets this weekend telling the GOI to kindly move aside if they can’t get it together and let them re-vote. LOL……….IMO…… got the GOI’s attention. We encouraged you to consider that NOTHING will happen until the GOI makes itself known to the world.We STILL await STEP 3 7 months later! Come out come out where ever you are………let’s talk about that possibility Family.

IMO…….for two weeks now my team has prepared us for this week. At the start of the month we told you that there would be NOT a currency war but ………..a repositioning of currencies globally. So we said that from the 10th the 17th ………would be a week to determine the rest of 2010. We told you that the start of this time period the 10th ……..would be a day of NOT wanting. What you learned about the video today was actually released yesterday……..on a day of ………..NOT WANTING. Therefore I now call this time period from the 10th the 17th a week of NOT WANTING. I know what the CBI article said about Friday but may I kindly share with you my opinion? IMO………..Friday is a religious day for Iraq and not a logical day to do an RD nor even the seating of the GOI. IMO……….this coming Friday the CBI will turn over to Casper the friendly ghost GOI………this video. IMO…… will be up to the GOI to seat on the 17th Sunday when it is planned to be broadcast starting at 10pm which is our 3pm. NOTE the LATE time to do this!!! In the still of ……..What? I suppose the video could be released even without an official GOI. But what about the RD that will be explained ……can that be done ………..WITHOUT AN RI? If so…… would be the most dangerous thing for the CBI to do. Let’s talk about it.

IMO……..the video for Sunday will explain to the world what the CBI has done……….NOT what they are going to do. If they talk of what they are going to do ………..speculation would go through the roof. IQD’s would be purchased in great quantities………..much greater than they are even now from those in the NE……..that know now is a good time to buy. But if theytalk of what they have done then they could control this feeding frenzy of IQD’s. Besides the last thing they want to do is put the 000’s right back out from whence they came. IMO………Sunday’s video INSTRUCTIONS could be the diving board that springs the IQD into a brand new lower denomination! IMO………allowing the 18th or any time before the end of October to RD and RI. Another possibility could be that on the 17th when they INSTRUCT their people ……….the IQD could go on international trade locking in the rate only for brokers to prevent a feeding frenzy. Then on the following day the 18th ……….the RD is released in conjunction with an RI. A RE-INSTATEMENT OF THE IQD FROM 2002 which was at ………3.22. With seven years passing and annual inflation rate would be added to this 3.22 taking it to 3.86. It is simply illogical to listen to the GOI……….best just to watch them. But it is more illogical to consider that the CBI will trip over its own feet and allow speculation of the RD/RI to run rampant. To un-restrain such temptation would unravel a rather amazing and beautiful tapestry.

I have honestly tried to like the GOI because I respect many of their members. M unfortunately took me back to 1980 when Iran captured our Embassy. They dragged out the process for 444 days to embarrass our President…….Jimmy Carter. Exactly one second after Ronald Regan was sworn in ……..Iran released the hostages. Talk about sending a message. IMO……..M tried sending the authors of The Plan a message as well for over 7 months. Silly bugs bunny rabbit………..tricks are for kids.

I suppose my post today was a review of things ……….”we have told you before”. I hope and pray that what I have shared in the past months ……….is much clearer today. I told you less of me is good right now. Tomorrow I am seriously thinking of not answering any questions on the cc. I will talk to you and share but it may behoove us all to leave it at that. Remember what I have told you in the past …… you get closer to the hunt it would serve you well to be silent. You know my countdown…….you even created a Frankometer that still stands at 9.85. IMO……….that’s enough. I post today …… tomorrow………and that’s it. I helped you get into your boat by purpose and not on purpose. Today and tomorrow I gently nudge your boat into a vast ocean as I stand by the shore ……….with great pride. I love my KTFM Family and I wish you well.

I gave you my opinion about this coming Friday. I will also share with you that on this coming Friday the US Treasury is scheduled to release a report analyzing global exchange rate policies. We told you last week on the cc IMO…….this is not a currency war but a currency realignment. Please think back at what we told you about the Asian theater. Always think back at what we told you about east to west.

We told you not to worry when OIL went down…….. It will bod up and down like a fishing floater until ………we get a bite!

KTFM has helped and prayed for many and will continue to do so. When I see members like PENNY6780 ask us to pray for her cousin who’s husband Shawn suffered seizures that left him paralyzed at such a young age with such a young family……….then I know all of our efforts have been well worth it. KTFM will reach out quickly to our veterans and their families!!! I just wanted to take the time to tell my admins/mods how proud I am of them. I love you all.

When I see a mod like “RON” at DINARVETS who finally puts his foot down and tells rude posters to cease……….I can’t help but to feel good. Yes they bash me and yes RON is trying to put an end to that at his site but it’s this new attitude that is impressive. As we get to the end L destroys many souls. Sadly it takes A LOT of love to remove such a tiny amount of evil. I just wanted to applaud moderator RON.

Below you will find some articles that compliment my post today. Please enjoy them ………as they are all for you except one. You know me……..I communicate my way.

“I told him that I would get even with him”………this morning Family we had a newbie drive-by post that was quickly eliminated because it tried so hard to provoke anger and create disharmony among us. The admins/mods removed it with teamwork from other KTFM members. I get a call in the afternoon from a friend that said to me ……….I saw the post and know the poster at another site. So I sent him a pm and told him I would get even with him for what he tried to do at KTFM. I laughed and said isn’t that ironic……….that’s the same thing our drive-by poster was trying to do. Apparently my site was not pleasing him. So he decided to get even with me by stimulating rudeness. I find it interesting that from the land where our blessing will come from is also a land of history wanting to ……..get even. For thousands of years the Hatfields and the McCoys have learned very little and evened out……….even less. We are in the bussiness of LOVING and FORGIVING! NOT ……….Getting even. God bless you all. May I leave you by saying that KTFM will exist by MISSION as a fire exists ……… Burning. My Christian love and Aloha.



October 15th ~ An Announcement Has Been Made to Delete the Zeros for Iraq’s Currency … Will be Explained on TV in Iraq ~ Alsumaria News @ 10 pm-15th

***Central Bank past by deleting the zeros of the Iraqi operation

October 11, 2010

As of tomorrow displays the file “to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency

(Voice of Iraq)

The Central Bank launched in early 2007, to develop a strategic project located under the title of the reform of management system of the Iraqi currency on the recommendation of the Supreme Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance.

The project speaks for gradual substitution of the Iraqi currency with another is lower than in the nominal value.

From here, presents the program “as of tomorrow” on Alsumaria afternoon, Friday, October 15, 2010 at ten pm Baghdad time this topic to see its repercussions on the Iraqi economy.

Contagious and will discuss the program with guests Ahmed Hassan several themes in the context of the loop.

Does the economic climate well suited to the order of these changes on the currency?

The effects of deletion of zeros, including whether this is causing unrest in the Iraqi market?

Meanwhile, the guests discuss the possibility of bit of this project to reform the Iraqi system of payments and the impact of deletion of zeros on the stock market as well as to the descent completed the process of deletion of zeros.

Is a delete operation will add zeros to the value of purchasing something and economic gains that will come out in this project? In addition to details of other more accurate timing of the work related to the project.

Hosts “on tomorrow” in the next episode adviser to the CBI the appearance of Mohammed and two economists as Antoine Majid picture in addition to the economic expert Faili spokesman Thaer Investment Authority, Baghdad, as well as the President of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen and investors willing Reza industrial fixed Baldawi.

Full-time working group “on tomorrow” this week to put the episode titled “Delete zeros” of the Iraqi currency pm Friday, October 15, 2010 at ten pm Baghdad time, and run-off on Sunday morning at ten o’clock on Alsumaria, Iraqi Satellite TV Network.

-انتهى- – END -

BAGHDAD – A minimum of Sudan: Araciyon economists encouraged the idea of deleting three zeros from the currency, while others refused on the grounds that the economic impact on the market.

ا.. They stressed the need to be taught the Central Bank of subject well .. قب

. Before making any decision whether or not delete Asvarmn.

. He noted economist Asad bugsbunny to the central bank raising the issue of deleting three zeros from the currency paper more than once, but has faced opposition to a lack of understanding and study of the topic accurately, where some of them pointed to delete the zeros will affect the economic situation in the country, and delayed Cjawamodua.


. He added that the deletion of zeros bugsbunny will help to widespread use in the currency as it works to increase the practice in the market and the huge amounts of money it is possible to transfer money from one place to another easily.


. The bugsbunny, for example, that “the adoption of thousands of dinars is a paper one million, while it is in large quantities.

ي. He continued: “The deletion will help economic recovery, stressing that the deletion of zeros is working on the use of coins as the 1000 JD could become the currency of ferrous small as coins is desirable because it is heavy when transporting from one place to another despite the fact that the use of coins helps to increase the price of Aldenarabraghi.

من جانبه ش

For his part, encouraged by economic researcher Star Maritime idea to delete the zeros from the currency, said that many of the Iraqi experts and their experience of the big diagnosed topic direct diagnosis, especially after the decline in the economy which led to up to reduce the low of the nominal value, said Marine to the presence of two types of value the first nominal and real, so the second value is the cornerstone of the nominal value of this criterion Alhakiqipo human eye the most important standards that build upon the Iraqi economy. And increased marine say: The coins have an effect on the hearts of the Iraqi citizen, because the psychological citizen and merchant differ by more than 30 years on what it is now, the fact that the citizen is not able to carry in hand or pocket currencies iron equivalent to the value of paper currency, said of the error to say that this talk about different kinds of coins that have real meaning of value because it is part of the Iraqi dinar, so the citizen does not favor the use of the value of iron in his pocket.


. While feared an economic expert Dr. Peace Sumaisem to delete the three zeroes from the currency, he affects the market significantly, and repeated fears of its impact on the calculation of the value of the securities and shares in transactions on credit and stressed the pair CBI of its resolution, such as Delete.


. This is currently trading in the Iraqi street talk about the intention of the central bank to delete the zeros while there were conflicting statements about this subject, at the time of The Bank at the time to delete it denies.

OCTOBER 11, 2010 09:57 AM

In the name of God the Merciful

Republic of Iraq

Prime Minister

Information Office of the Prime Minister

Press release

Two 10/11/2010

Received the Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki at his office today, the official delegation from the U.S. Congress, in the presence of U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. James Jeffrey.

The sovereignty during the meeting: We have come a way to go well in the way of forming the government, which is important not for Iraq alone but for the whole region, is required today is to form a government of national partnership that includes all components, and we hope to finish soon and go to the House of Representatives

Mr Prime Minister: that Iraqis no matter differed must agree and must be partners, and Iraq today has become a democratic Contrary to what it was at the time of the dictatorial regime that was ruling the people by force, but some want to exploit democracy for evil purposes, so we see that it is our duty to raise awareness education and alert to it.

He said: orientations that the government would be all-inclusive, because we want a government of national partnership, and this is a difficult but important that the government is formed on the basis of better sound that is done quickly, and I think we are now at the end of their path and we will have a strong government, and the Government of the partnership will be reflected Parliament is positive because the previous parliament was not successful in completing its work in full, and components that will participate in the government are the same that will be in parliament and will be backed up.

The new Prime Ministercall for U.S. companies to contribute to the process of construction and reconstruction and investment and provide support and expertise to the laboratories of the local factories.

For their part, praised the members of the congressional delegation highly of Mr. Prime Minister, the unity of Iraq and his national, emphasizing U.S. support for efforts to form a government of national partnership involving all parties, and to stand by Iraq to maintain security and stability and develop its economy, and to contribute to American companies in the process of construction, reconstruction and investment contribution large.