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Bush: Proud of what I have done in Iraq and I saved the economy
2010-10-14 23:21:47

(14/10/2010) Kuwait: U.S. President George W. Bush in Kuwait yesterday, he was proud of what he has done in Iraq and that he and current president of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Ben Bernanke, rescued the economy and that “no regrets” any decision taken, and he did not know what is the regulation of “Al Qaeda” and who are the terrorists.

The Kuwaiti news agency “KUNA”: The Crown Prince Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received yesterday morning, Bush and his entourage at Bayan Palace. The newspaper “opinion” Kuwait today: the Bush remarks in a luncheon, where he said “when I received my functions I did not believe for a moment First I entered the White House and became president of the United States, and I did not know what is the rule and who are the terrorists, when the head you’ll understand what you do not understand and do not know what to learn. “

Bush said he “no regrets” any decision taken during his presidency. He stressed that “proud of what he has done in Iraq.” He expressed his ticket good for the most serious decisions, to send soldiers to war, and harder on the mothers and fathers, noting that the question of timing is the most serious when making decisions, to answer another question related to the situation of Iraq, saying, “I started the seeds of liberty grow in Iraq and the sacrifices paid off.”

In response to questions from the audience about the criticisms made against his team in the American administration during his presidency, he lavished praise in particular the Vice-President Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice, who held the posts of national security adviser and secretary of state during his tenure, Colin Powell, who took over the Foreign Ministry before Rice.

And the most serious decisions taken by, the description of Bush, how the consultations that took place between him and the current Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Federal Reserve (Ben Bernanke, which he described as the world economic genius, and how that resolution “requests the boldness and a great adventure,” said Bush, “I have been informed, Bernanke if I did not intervene as President of the United States will slip the U.S. economy in a deep state of depression after depression is a serious stage requires a difficult decision, “is to use taxpayer money to extinguish the crisis and save the financial system and economy as a whole.

He said Bush, it is not moral criticism of the president, who followed or comment on his policies, but he stressed that the approval to address the global financial crisis was a lifeline, the first and the largest in the U.S. economy recovered from the abyss of severe depression.