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CheckMATE Post: Dinar Vets (Maliki is a DESPERATE man!)
2010-10-20 02:10:05

Real quick, I’m not sure how many of you know this but Maliki owns over 65% of the media in Iraq and 100% of AKNews, Mosaic News.

This is also why you see so much reporting on Maliki by these news companies. There news is saying “everyone is voting for Maliki and the Government is almost seated.”

This latest article posted about him is a joke.…knews/4/189500/

I have very good contacts that are telling me Maliki is claiming to be in all of these countries meeting with many top ranking officials, truth is there NOT meeting with him at all. He is trying but there done with him which is good for us.

He is out, done, old news he had his chance and that ended last week on the 15th.

I could say more but I’ll hold off till morning.

Folks I have been very quite over the last year as there was no signs of an end in site. I do not like to post rumors as we have tons of that.

I believe we will not see a day of November without an RV, I make this claim on very good solid information, I will share this with you hopefully by this time tomorrow.

I have a lot of information here in the states as well as over seas that’s all saying the same.

The Fat lady is on the stage and she is getting ready to clear her throat (step 1) and take a drink of water (step 2). Step 3 is Singing! And the RV-RI of course.

I will let you know when I have positive information of step one being completed.