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Iraq Confirms Its Agreement With the Supreme Council to Form a Government of National Partnership
2010-10-21 04:30:33
General Supervisor
Conscious / Baghdad / m k

Confirmed member of a coalition Iraqi Maysoon al that “the coalition is to achieve good results in his conversations with the components of the National Coalition and especially the Islamic Supreme Council.”

Damluji said in a statement issued by her office and received (Media News Agency / INA) A copy of it on Wednesday, said “the dialogues conducted by the Iraq within the past few days with the Supreme Council has reached a positive outcome will be smoothed to form the next government on the basis of national partnership, especially after the completion of a dialogue with the Kurdish forces in the coming period. ”

“The coalition in Iraq today is a cluster winner of the elections and their right to constitutional and electoral form the next government and therefore, Iraq can not waive the maturity and the maturity of its constituents, noting that after the agreement with the forces of Kurdistan will be we have the majority in the parliament for our mandate to form a government which others tried to deprive Iraq of this entitlement.