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Stratfor News: Iraq, France: 5 Infrastructure Agreements Signed – 11/1/10
2010-11-01 14:11:30
November 1, 2010

Iraqi Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahrestani on Nov. 1 announced the completion of five agreements with France to develop oil, agriculture, trade, investment, insurance and electricity infrastructure, Aswat al-Iraq reported. The agreements aim to enhance trade, exchange and cooperation in the energy and industry sectors, as well as to stimulate bilateral trade, al-Shahrestani said after signing the agreements. French Minister of State for Foreign Trade Anne-Marie Idrac, who was authorized to sign the documents, called the signing an unprecedented event in European history, as France is the first European nation to sign such agreements with Iraq. France is working to develop relations with Iraq, and has presented an offer to the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity for cooperation in developing electrical stations, as well as cooperation in building oil refineries, Idrac added.