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Maliki: We Will Form the Government Within Day
2010-11-01 14:25:36
Monday 01/11/2010

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki at his office today, the official with the delegation of the political bureau of the Islamic Virtue Party chaired by the Secretary-General of the Party of Hashim al-Hashimi, developments in the political process and joint efforts to form the next government, said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in a joint news conference with the delegation of Virtue conversation was cordial and brotherly and sincere and is based on a solid ground floor together.

Al-Maliki announced an agreement to start together in all situations that need to be compact front responsibilities challenges on the road.

Maliki went on to say: “We will move this coherent bilateral relations based on the legitimacy and value judgments and ethical in all situations that require cooperation and partnership.

For his part, Hashem al-Hashemi said during a press conference this visit was brotherly and friendly to meet the Prime Minister and brotherhood in the state of law, has discussed the matter during this visit in the overall political situation existing.

He said al-Hashemi we before the close of time we had intensive meetings in the Virtue Party we studied which declines potential and which has now become the focus of observer to the political and media for the political process, and continued: “we are concerned about the decline in the political process and perhaps these things in a whole mainly caused by the delay in forming government ,

He added: “We discussed in this visit in the repercussions and the resulting, as well as future prospects for political action in Iraq, the most important is what we stressed in this visit to recall the initiatives put forward by the Islamic Virtue Party and reference good during the last period, all based on the centrality and authority of the Iraqi national identity, and discussed the matter We emphasized our commitment to the unity and cohesion of the National Coalition and support the candidate of Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, and we agreed to go together in a genuine partnership in order to accomplish the task of forming a government, especially as the likely strong is to open the door to outside interference which is not desirable and Amehmod, not by us nor by Brothers in the state law but not by all the political blocs, “We hope that the wisdom of the minds of political leaders are motivated to continue to accomplish this task, it is enough that the delay in forming the government, the file is relatively simple proportion to the challenges that face us in the near future, and hoped that the continue this cooperation and dialogue and meetings with all partners in the other political blocs to further draw the government’s program the next government of the partnership and the completion of all national Isthakaqatna.

On the subject of an invitation of Saudi Arabia to the meeting of Iraqi leaders in Riyadh Prime Minister replied .. We are talking on behalf of the National Alliance held a meeting expanded in all his limbs and made a decision in agreement with the Kurdistan Alliance and issued a statement of the price it and thanks to this initiative and we say that the political process and dialogue and reached her career last, and Iraqi leaders are working to resolve this issue in the coming days will be the House of Representatives based on a decision Federal Court, as we and site care and thanks to all who want to support the Iraq that the political leaders tend strongly to solve their problems in Iraq and not in other capitals, so I apologized for the call did not apologize because they were from Saudi Arabia and we will apologize, of any other state because we tend to solve our issues in Iraq.

And responded to Hashem al-Hashemi on the same subject, saying .. in fact we have come to almost the end of the process, we have become a candidate for the National Alliance and we are also lined up behind the candidate in order to accomplish this file quickly and decisively, invitations are commendable and indicates the keenness of the States to the Iraqi issue and the Iraqi people but the time is now critical and embarrassing and we have tasks must be completed, God willing, before the time is assumed for this initiative will be delivered these files.

And the existence of transactions conducted through dialogues, Maliki said that the logic of analysis, there are no deals and that being outdoors and to the attention of all partners, and today there were meetings of the blocks and will continue these meetings in the coming days, and during (4-5) days will be resolved this debate and we will go to the Board of Representatives for resolution of this file and the formation of the government, and deals, buying and selling behind the scenes do not work and does not encourage it because this is a national responsibility and everyone should be borne clearly, yes, right of the parties to ask are concerns, aspirations and suggestions, this is not unacceptable to ask of any party, whether Kurdistan Alliance or the Iraqi List, or the center or the National Alliance, but from the necessity to put forward, but that we agree, and I assure that exist behind the scenes Asfqat.

On the official position of the Islamic Virtue Party of the candidature of Mr. Nuri Kamal al-Maliki for prime minister, he replied, a member of the Political Bureau of the Virtue Party Hassan Shammari said: the official position of the Islamic Virtue Party was borne out of this visit is to support the candidature of Mr. Nouri al-Maliki for prime minister and his readiness to make efforts and work and support to form government and to make it more clear to all parties and public opinion that the Islamic Virtue Party is part of the National Alliance, and is not part of any other project promoted here and there and what is said from time to time in the media of being the Virtue Party is part of another project but is a speculation, The fact that we know of at all, and our position is that we are realistic part of the National Alliance and support the candidate of the National Alliance, Mr. Nuri al-Maliki. / Finished / (7. n. r) ..