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RickSwartzlander Post: Dinar Vets (Iraqi Dinar)
2010-11-02 00:27:10
Iraqi Dinar…!

By: RickSwartzlander

I feel it’s important to point out a few things so while we are all in the “mire” wading through the details of our investment, which candidly are really none of our business, that we all get a reminder of the big picture. Once again, I ask to you decide for yourselves.

Are you on the “beach”? Do you see the signs of a monster wave of change rolling our way? Have you found your “higher ground”? Do you even feel the need to move, or are you just going to stand there and be taken over?

- US is in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan… surrounding Iran. What do you think is next?
- Russia and China have been given the “lion’s share” of the oil opportunities in Iraq. What do you think is the reason for that?
- US & Israel are absolutely sitting ON TOP of Iran right now. One move, and they get squashed. What do you think is happening?

- US is allowing the political process in Iraq, but make no mistake about it, they are there watching and waiting.

- G20 Meetings taking place to review the necessary “changes” to the world’s currencies and economies.
- Major delay in the release of the currency report by Geithner (US). Why?
- Delay of the UNSC meetings for Iraq. We’ve heard NOTHING of that event. Why?
- Delay of Ban Ki Moon’s report. Why?
- China unwilling to “revalue” their currency. Why? What is their stake? What’s happening behind the scenes?
- Heavy discussions about “currency wars” going on. Why all the hullabaloo?
- World economies at a virtual stand-still. What is being done?

- Countries on the verge of complete bankruptcy, including the US, unless they do something very soon to protect their assets and change what is showing on their “books”. What do we do?

- US war in Iraq. Why would we do that? Do you honestly believe we’d go there just to set up Russia and China?
- Bush in Kuwait. Why do you think he and his father would go there a week ago?
- Paris club dismissal of 80% of debt… timing is coming to an end. What do you think about that?
- Almost EVERY nation has forgiven Iraq their debt. Why?
- Kuwait responding favorably towards Iraq after they’ve had an entire existence of being at odds with one another. Kuwait holds the key to Iraq’s release from Chapter 7. What do you think this means?

- Dinar value has remained static for almost 2 years at 1170 per dollar. Huh? Really?
- Dinar was allowed to be released to the US and major US banks to the public. Why? Banks would be squashed by the masses. Would they really take that kind of class action lawsuit coming from hundreds of thousands, selling currency to them that will never be of value?
- Presidential Order 13303: Allows US Citizens to invest in the New Iraq . Under this Order and the Coalition Provisional Government Order 39, a US citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen. Why would this even be placed in existence?
- Dinar no longer on OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control – list of currencies the US has put together from the Office of Homeland Security that tracks terrorist states and their currencies)
- Thousands upon thousands of people own Dinar because of people they know who are connected to politicians, government officials, boots on the ground, bankers, military personnel, government contractors, oil executives, IMF friends, UN contacts, US Treasury officials, World Bank executives, Forex traders and officials, Wall Street connections, Foreign dignitaries and connections. Do you honestly believe the Dinar won’t increase in value? Do you really think this is a scam? Seriously?

- China the number one stake holder to rights to Iraqi oil based on contracts awarded.
- Russia the number two stake holder to rights to Iraqi oil based on contracts awarded.
- US companies sitting on the sidelines temporarily watching and waiting. Why? Don’t we get first “dibs”?
- Oil prices cruising in the $70+ per barrel range again. Time to make a move? You tell me.
- OPEC has been awfully quiet in this entire process wherein Iraq could really mess up their little club by providing too much supply for the demand, thereby taking prices on oil. Why have they been so quiet?

The list can go on and on… Don’t you see it? Do I really need to point it out to you? If you continue to stick your head in the sand, listen to those who want you to be confused, and remain in the dark, then I have nothing to say. It’s just not what you were meant to be a part of or involved in.

If you do understand the significance of the above, then you should count yourself very blessed to be part of the extreme minority of the world who are witnessing one of the greatest moments in the history of the world. You are literally seeing the “Signs of the Times” unfolding before your very eyes, as kings, government officials, heads-of-state, and corporate business leaders all pour into the Middle East, even into Iraq itself, all for the purpose of something grand. Something amazing is literally unfolding before our very eyes.

So, just know this. Because of the significance of this monumental event of which you are both aware and participating (i.e. economic stimulus), so many things MUST be in place and protected. NOTHING is being left to chance politically, corporately, relationship-wise, militarily, security, bank-wise, economically, strategically, physically (M2 currency amounts), and so on.

This overwhelmingly massive coordination effort is slowly building, and growing, and evolving, and developing into something that, for me, is unmistakably a tidal wave of change that will sweep the earth. Draw your own conclusions on all of this. That’s why I asked the questions I did. For me and my “house”, we will be working on finding our “higher ground” wherein we can feel safe and secure, protected from the massive events that are so clearly (TO ME) coming our way.


I have been observing for the past 3 months of the progress of the country of Iraq. Since I purchased my 1st dinar in Aug 2010. I have read the extraordinary post of some caring people and of some not so caring people that seem to be motivated by greed. For the past 2 weeks I have been putting a few things together concerning the RV and the Bushes going to Kuwait. It seemed as things unfolded that they may have (my opinion from your posts and being a speculator as all of you)directed their conference with the Islamic countries, was to postpone the RV until after the Nov 2, 2010 elections, so that the economy would not recover in time for the minds of those that have been disillusioned by thereby. Why you may ask or not; but to discourage anyone for giving credit to this present administration for knowing that George Bush Jr. had puchased dinars to pay for a war what started on his watch, but mainly to deter your vote for this administration and wisdom to bail out our economy knowing that they like Bill Clinton was blessed with the it seems like dinars that George Bush purchased during the Kuwait liberation.

So this is why the RV will take place after the NOV 2, 2010 mid term elections.