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Iraq Info from a US Navy Contractor
2010-11-07 12:13:51

This is my first Topic Post so be kind. I’m just sharing the conversation I had with a US Navy Contractor this afternoon. He has been a contractor in Iraq since 2004. I know his mother from her coming into my business and sending items to him and his wife from time to time. I finally met him today while I notorized some documents for him. First question I asked was he invested? He smiled and finally said “yes, since 2004″.

He then stated he buys all his Dinar from various Iraqi locations (shops and banks). So now that he some what has warmed up to me I started to try and gather some intel. Here is a list of questions and answers.

1) What is going on with the formation of the GOI? “M” is stalling, he knows he didn’t win the election and needs to stall until the Kurds decide to back him. “A” was a good PM even with the corruption in the GOI during his short term. “A” is the one that most feel comfortable with in his opinion but, the division of the various groups will force “A” to become an advisor to the GOI.”
2) I’ve read the Kuwait has or will drop their objection to Iraq having Chapter 7 removed? “This is very interesting, Kuwait in the last three months have done a complete about face with this issue. As a matter of fact, some Iraqi’s we very excited that Kuwait removed their objection. It was almost like new years eve in some areas.”
3) Many believe that the Kurds hold the key to the GOI, is that true? ” This is true. The Kurds are going to protect their interest as to the oil and gas. At this point it’s the most peaceful region in Iraq. There are many US business men and people from other countries in the north. It’s protected by their own police along with the CIA. If something happens there, you won’t hear about it. And it’s always a small problem and it’s made to go away, if you know what I mean.”
4) Does anyone have a clue to when an RV or RI will happen? “No, I honestly believe it will RI @ the 3.22 it was before the sanctions were imposed. This is the number the Iraqi’s believe and are waiting for. It’s been shared with the public that they are one of, if not the richist country in the world. This is what the Iraqi people have a major issue with. They believe that the insurgents and other problems will mostly disappear soon as the people have the money to live like anyone else in their country. The religous seperation is the main problem and will always be but, they will get along a lot better soon as the Dinar RI happens.

These are the questions and answers I got. He went into a lot more detail on the water and basic services issues but, my focus was on the GOI and the Dinar. This was just a short discussion and I thought someone here might like the info.