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Mayor of Baghdad: Airport Road will be the most beautiful in the world
2010-11-15 06:08:09

BAGHDAD: (AFP): The Secretary of Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi that he wants to make the Airport Road leading from the Green Zone in central Baghdad, “the most beautiful in the world,” after he was of the most dangerous places on the planet because of deadly violence almost daily for years ago .

A statement from al-Issawi said that “the end of this month will see the direct development and fiftieth street sites in Baghdad at a cost of more than 500 billion dinars ($ 420 million) in the framework of preparations for the convening of the Arab summit” next spring. He stressed that “more than 23 international companies from countries of Turkey and the Netherlands, Britain, Syria, Egypt and United Arab Emirates will begin the end of this month, acting to develop a large number of streets and sites in the capital, including Airport Road Baghdad (length 12 km) at a cost of two hundred million dollars to be the most beautiful streets in the world.” It is said that the street mentioned, which was characterized by palm trees witnessed the bloody attacks against U.S. and Iraqi forces and civilians in previous years, prompting authorities to remove many of these trees to prevent attacks by militants. The U.S. military fired on a serious airport renamed “Route Irish” and “RPG alley” between the years 2004 and 2007. The Iraqi government has allocated $ 300 million to rehabilitate the six biggest hotels in Baghdad in preparation for the Arab summit which is expected to take place in late March 2011. The hotels involved are really good inside the Green Zone, Mansour, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Baghdad and Babil. The Arab foreign ministers agreed the end of last March on the sidelines of the Arab summit in Sirte, Libya to be the next summit under the chairmanship of Iraq, to be held in its territory if the situation allowed, or in the State REGISTRATION hosts the Arab League, Egypt no.