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Rumor… Jan 2011 “RV” Timeframe (Just4Dinar)
2010-12-01 00:10:54
Hey People…

I’m not new to this investment, but have watched all the sites for quite some time. I initially started investing in the Dinar, due to having a close friend that is privy to reliable information out of iraq. I have never been more confident that the Iraqi Dinar WILL revalue…and SOON!…

But my contact has informed me that the RV will be pushed back somewhere between Jan. 1st and 3rd of 2011. Apparently everything is ready to roll, but being that it is this close to the end of the year, there are certain governments (ours for one)that could benefit greatly if this were pushed back into another tax year. (which apparently they will be taxing the “rich” at a higher rate)

We all pretty much know that Obama cannot get away with raising taxes on the “middle to upper class”, but his gloves are off when it comes to the “rich”.(which will be us after the RV)

There are many forces at work to make this happen and I,more than anyone, would love to see this thing “pop” tomorrow. I have been waiting for what seems forever, to reap the benefits of my investment,but in the big picture what is another month? However,if my source is wrong…then I would be most HAPPY!

Just passing on what I heard. WE ARE CLOSE GUYS!!