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Reduce the circulation of foreign currency increases the strength of the dinar
2010-12-01 22:54:00

Economic expert called for the expansion of trading in Iraqi currency and the reduction of trading in foreign currency (at least temporarily) the fact that it will support the Iraqi dinar and increase the strength of locally and regionally.

Said Dr Issam Mahouelle’s (Citizen) reported yesterday that traders deal in a wide circulation of the Iraqi currency comes in the priorities of economic reform.

So said the central bank adviser Mzarsaleh that the bank is seeking to restructure the currency to suit the economic development., “Said Saleh (of the Agency news) we will resort to the restructuring of the currency to suit the new situation and economic progress, noting that the currency is growing day by increasing Alatnag and economic progress , not because of inflation and release as before. He added that the value of the Iraqi dinar escalate, and this rise has achieved a major goal in addition to the purchasing power of the dinar rose to $ imports.

Saleh explained: Ann’s central bank plans to maintain the value of the Iraqi dinar and the essence of monetary policy, which we have adopted the stability of the overall level of prices. And Saleh said that the exchange rate the Iraqi dinar and foreign currency represents the external value of the currency where the value of internal and external value, explaining: the external value of the task for the economy of oil-exporting countries and importing of many items, as we believe that monetary policy is part of the inflation target and raising the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar

Commentary: Similar to the article (link) that was posted earlier today. In order for the Iraqi Dinar to trade globally as mentioned in this article it must have an internationally recognized currency. Wouldn’t this appear that the CBI is anxious to pull this RV trigger, or what?