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“Ghost” Email to DD: The True RV Hold-up
2010-12-09 21:49:10

I share this with you because many including myself have considered this as being our hold-up, but despite my best efforts I could not find documentation to prove my fears.

Today i will break the TRUE STORY with our dinar investment, what has been going on and WHO has been behind it. All the following information has been confirmed thru numerous Middle East and US based sources. This investment in the IQD was all based on a “Plan” put into place by Bush, designed by Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, and based off the Marshall Plan that freed Germany from its war torn state. Leading Germany into one of the most financially strong positions of any European country. This plan put in by the Bush administration was designed to give Iraq the foundation to become the one of the strongest financial powers in the world, and a close friend and right hand of the USA government. Placing superior military power and vast oil reserves on the same side for the first time in history.

This plan should have been complete by now, and yet all troubles began with President Obama took office. There have been no less than six (6) occasions just in this current year that Obama has delayed the Iraqi people, delayed the citizens of the world, the final enactment of the plan, the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. Thru my sources, the one underlying theme kept popping up thru discussions, Obama wanting more of our money, more of the money from the families of the Veterans of the gulf war, who gave life, limb and laid there heart on the battlefield to do the job their commander asked of them. You might be asking what do i mean by wanting more of our money, let me explain. Executive order 13303 was the order that gave us the right to “invest” in iraq thru the IQD, but that tax structure, where we are taxes as capital gains was not enough to feed the coffers of Washington.

So our President has forcefully delayed the RV of the IQD, until he could get a better tax plan in place. What is important is the story behind Obama’s actions. You see the rate and date are not important to him, as the USA and every other country, China, France, Russia, ect, have a pre negotiated rate in the $5.75 dollar range. What Mr. Obama is trying to do is two fold. And his latest plan came just this week, when the IQD was supposed to go live with a new rate. He requested and received yet another delay so that he could attempt to attach a new tax law to the Bush Tax cut extensions that are fighting there way thru Washington. He is attempting to have this IQD RV proceeds taxes as ordinary income, a rate up to 35%, versus the lower capital gains which it was designed to fit under. The second personal plan of Mr. Obama is to force Iraq to come in lower than their Desired rate of 3.22, by doing so claiming more of the money for Washingtons own coffers.

If O’s gets his way, a lower rate will be released to the World, closer to the Euro, providing up to 4+ dollars in the Washington piggy bank for every IQD owned by its citizens and service men. So the two part plan, if successful, will net us as investors close to .90 cents, while the US gov. receives close to $5 dollars. How is that for a swift reality check on what has really been going on with this investment. The Gov of Iraq has never been the issue, has never been the delay, the CBI has been more than ready and willing to RV the IQD for many months. Yet thru distortion of facts, we have been led to believe that we have been waiting for Iraq to get their act together, THIS IS NOT TRUE, what we have been waiting on is for Mr. Obama to figure out any and every way possible for every dollar possible to wind up in his spending coffers, and not ours. And without a doubt no dollar was to hit our bank accounts prior to our mid term elections, when the risk of this new found wealth could be used to support his opposition.

August 31st, July 4th, Nov 25th, Dec. 7th, just a few of the confirmed dates that Iraq was ready and willing to uphold there end of “The Plan”. I have it confirmed that on Aug 31st we were actually close enough for the rate to be loaded into the system at $3.22. Did Obama win out in this battle, and force the Proud Iraqi people into a much lower rate, or did they stand strong finally and give to their people what they promised them for so long, a strong world currency, with international appeal. If Mr. Obama does not find a way to extend this into next year, and yes, this was his original plan, to push the RV of the IQD into 2011, all for personal gain, “deficit and re election”, we should see a new IQD rate at any time.

We should see Iraq emerge out from under the shackles of Ch7, and once again assume the position of a powerful ME country, and this should happen on the 15th, with a RV prior to this occasion. Thats the good news in all this, in order for iraq to be granted Ch7 removal, they MUST RV first, so unless Obama strips iraq of the release, then at whichever rate comes out in the next few days, we will be thru with our search for the RV.

I hope this information does not cause any of you grief, but i felt obligated to reveal the real reason for the endless delays of the RV, it was NOT IRAQ, not the GOI, not the CBI, not the issues with Kuwait, not the problems with Iran, it was all manipulated by someone much closer to our home.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,