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My RV “Knock-Out” List
2010-12-16 21:34:36

Call me simple-minded, or just plain someone who likes to keep the minusha to a minimum, but here’s what we’re looking at in the near future that is VERY CRITICAL to our investment… for your reference…

- SAT (18th) Parliament’s FIRST reading of the Budget… I believe they need to read it 3 times, and it must be passed. This was referenced in the UNSC meeting.

- TUES (21st) Maliki to officially announce his Cabinet… according to the latest news articles, Maliki is to do this on Tuesday, December 21st (next week).

- THURS (23rd) Official announcement of the Government of Iraq… according to the latest news articles, Parliament would need to ratify Maliki’s announced positions and decision before this event that is to take place on Thursday, December 23rd (next week).

- HydroCarbon Law (HCL) Passage… After the GOI formation (mentioned by Zebari as one of the very first things when he gave his acceptance comments for Iraq). No timeframe was given.

Here are some critical items that give me confidence that the above will be taken care of:

- Allawi officially included in the Government, heading the Cabinet and overseeing Security. It is my opinion that the US wants Allawi in that position, so as to protect Iraq from any crazy dealings by Maliki with the Iranians. Where too much power is given to one man, it is the sad disposition of man (in general, not specifically) to abuse that power. As such, this is an excellent check-and-balance within the GOI that provide stability for Iraq and for our anticipated currency revaluation.

- Supreme Courts decision to not allow Parliament to leave session without Budget approval. This is HUGE in my opinion, as this appears to be Iraq’s understanding of how important this is to the process. With the inability to adjourn Parliament without that being completed, it appears they are in a hurry to get it done. The world is watching and waiting. It appears Iraq has received the message. Now, they need to finish the job.

All of the above are things that are coming up that we need to keep a close eye on. Nothing else needs to be said on the matter. I believe we’re close, and I hope Iraq can pull through and keep their word to the world and to themselves.