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MAJOR breakthrough in the progress of Iraq
2010-12-17 09:24:28
Fellow Dinar Investors!

Yesterday was a MAJOR breakthrough in the progress of Iraq, and therefore, also the progress of the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. I was told that we should expect to see two major sanctions lifted yesterday and we might expect the value of the Iraqi Dinar to change on the 15th.

Well, it didn’t happen on the 15th, and my “Intel” (a.k.a. “sources”) were wrong on the two major sanctions being lifted.

For those of you fresh to the Iraqi Dinar scene, here’s the scenario.

In 1993 Iraq was shook from its roots to its branches when Saddam Hussein was stripped from power. Iraq was thrown into what it is currently removing itself from – the aftermath of an evil dictator. The United Nations put incredible restrictions on the entire country, restricting it’s freedom to act as an independent entity, forcing Iraq to bow to the every request of the outside world, and imposing an unrelenting debt on it, owed to Kuwait for every Iraqi’s involvement in the mass murders committed under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

The value of the Iraqi Dinar fell from over $3 to less than $0.0001.

Since 1993, the Iraqi people have fought and lived through things most of us will never see. Many soldiers, both Iraqi, US, and other countries soldiers, died in the struggle to right the sinking ship of a once powerful country.

Since the fall of the country and the plummet of the value of their currency, the country has made leaps and bounds towards reinstating their position in the world. They have come from under the dark shadow of nearly complete terrorist occupation to an almost complete government and a land safe enough to vote for a president. The currency has doubled since their darkest hour, and yesterday… Iraq was praised in a United Nations Security Council meeting.

Yesterday was probably the biggest day in Dinar News since I’ve been an investor – and I’ve been invested a long time. Yesterday signified a major turning point in the saga we are living in. Yesterday was a real turning point for the country of Iraq that nobody can deny…

You see, my source was wrong. Two major sanctions against Iraq were not lifted yesterday.

Yesterday, THREE of the remaining Chapter 7 sanctions against Iraq were released!

So, what’s left? … Kuwait.

Quote: Welcoming the progress made by the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait towards the resolution of the outstanding issues between both countries, and encouraging their further cooperation, the Security Council calls on Iraq to quickly fulfill its remaining obligations under the relevant Chapter VII Security Council resolutions pertaining to the situation between Iraq and Kuwait.

The bottom line to Dinar Investors is this:

Kuwait doesn’t want Iraq out of Chapter 7 before the currency rises. The country of Kuwait basically holds “stock” in Iraq, as a result of the reparations owed to Kuwait. If Iraq gains in power while Kuwait still has “stock” in Iraq, then Kuwait makes even more money as their “stock” goes up in value.

Obviously Iraq doesn’t want this to happen, because they are in a sense paying “dividend” to Kuwait if that happens! They don’t want that to happen… they want to “call” in those “stocks” at the lowest price possible, which means they want out from under Kuwait’s influence before the value of the Dinar rises.

That brings us to the current situation. Kuwait is trying to keep Chapter 7 restrictions on Iraq as long as possible, to force the ReValue of the Iraqi Currency to happen while they still hold stock. Iraq is holding out as long as possible, because their assets aren’t going anywhere… but their cash reserves will quickly drain if they revalue the dinar and THEN have to pay Kuwait!

While that may be complicated, what is clear and simple is the direction our investment is headed… and it’s clearly good.

The UN has made it clear that they are supporting Iraq.

The world can easily see that Kuwait is losing the stranglehold they have held for so long. Iraq is winning this battle, and just the same – the investors in Iraq are also winning the battle. Hang in there, friends! The end is near, and that is a good thing for once.