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The new government will be ready this week
2010-12-18 11:36:00

A member of the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati said the cabinet reshuffle will be ready to parliament for a vote in the week Mahali.

He added that the cabinet reshuffle, and reached the final stages as the remaining period of the owners is sufficient to complete the formation of the government and presented to the parliament and the timing of the announcement in the next week and determine any day of the announcement will be up to the end of the files of candidates.

He said al-Bayati said this week will be crucial as it is for the submission of Maliki’s government and we need to Aoun’s political blocs to provide the names of candidates able to run the ministries. “He pointed to the absence of obstacles to the formation of the government that the process of formation is going according to plan specific to Maliki.

The president, Jalal Talabani, cost-Maliki, in 25 of the last month, was left to the owners is one week as the next Thursday will be the last date for submission cabinet reshuffle to the parliament, according to the Constitution, which gives charge to form a Gop a month to set up that does can be assigned to another candidate.