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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

IMF FUNDS MUST BE RETURNED BY DEC. 31, 2010 Dependent on conditions – THE HOLY GRAIL?
2010-12-22 16:55:35
New IRFFI projects must start by the end of 2010; project completions and disbursements are to take place no later than December 31, 2013.
As of June 30, 2010, 25 IRFFI donors, including the United States, had committed $1.86 billion for Iraq


Any funds that are not committed to a specific project by December 31, 2010, will be returned.

Why would Iraq want to return any of this money? They wouldn’t.

To start a project, one would think that the contractor would want to be paid with RV Dinars and not current Dinars.

Thus, RV prior to December 31, 2010 or Iraq may have to pay back over ONE BILLION DOLLARS – and those are U.S. Dollars!

Sorry to take so long to figure this out, but it was hiding in an APPENDIX. Sheesh!

I am not going to paste the article here.