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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Info Out of Baghdad
2010-12-23 18:32:49


This came from one of my contacts who has sources in Baghdad and throughout Iraq…

- Received lengthy text message stating the new government was officially announced throughout the country this morning.

- This caused people to gather and celebrate this morning.

- The intercoms and news media announced to the people that the newgovernment was indeed formed, and everything was in place.

- They continued in their announcement to state something to this effect to the people of Iraq, “Now the people of Iraq will be able to enjoy the financial future the new government will be able to afford them, and Iraq will now be able to join the community of Nations.”

Take it for just what it is. Do NOT assume this means they announced their RV. This is HUGE news for Iraq, and bodes well for our investment. It appears Iraq is drawing ever closer.

Go Iraq… Go Dinar!