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We need to be real here
2010-12-30 04:10:32
Alright people. Little reality check.

I don’t talk much, or spread rumors and there is a reason for it. I work in the U.S. banking sector and refuse to drag my name through the mud with hopes and dreams of fictitious rumors.

Every week we hear something new from the “gurus” or the peeps that feel they have more intel than others.

example: a guy hears from his mom’s friend that she heard from her cousin who works for someplace, that heard from her financial guy that his grandmother told him today at 12:30 its a go! COME ON!!!!!!

We need to be real here. RV’s are not announced ahead of time, they never have been. Kuwait for example just happened, turkey and Mexico re-denominated outta the blue! Iraq will be the same.

Now there is a ton of news coming from Iraq and it’s all great. We have a government that seems to be playing nicely, and great strides are being made for this country, so kudos to them! It is great for the people of Iraq! Let’s be humans and be happy for them.

As far as the RV, EOY seems to be very possible with all the contracts going into effect, the Paris Club and the salaries, but it doesn’t mean that it will happen for sure. It’s up to Iraq and how they feel fit to do it. If they do it in the middle of the year, it won’t matter on their books, that’s what accountants are for!

Let’s be patient, we have been for a long time! It will happen, but no one can say for sure when. So please, for your sanity, do not buy into the hype we hear every other day, that it will happen Wednesday or hey Monday for sure, we have heard this every week for years and it is always wrong, and then the excuses roll in that , “well Iraq was supposed to do this and they didn’t or no these people are holding it up because of this”, Reality check friends, no one knows when this is going to happen. It just will and we will change our pants many times when it does!

Be open minded sure, but don’t stress out or make big plans when in fact, we just don’t know what where or when it will take place.

Live your life knowing that someday soon, all your worries and stress will be behind you. Read the posts and rumors but pay attention to the news the most!

Keep your heads up!!!! We will see it happen soon enough!