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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

For those who are worried, tired, confused and frustrated…
2010-12-30 05:25:52
First, I hope each and every one of you had a blessed Christmas and had the opportunity to share valuable time with those you love.

I know as the kids played with their presents around the Christmas tree or as you sipped on your egg nog over the Christmas break your mind began to wander off to the thoughts of the RV. Wondering…Where is it? They said it would happen…

For every day there is not an RV there will be intel or rumor of its imminent arrival

In the hours leading up to Christmas day, many rumors and some intel surfaced indicating an RV date was probable for the week. But the day never came…

As New Years day approaches it is possible for the rumor and intel to start up once again and I pray for all of us that one may come true…

Never discount any rumor or intel…simply because you never know….

But always take rumors and intel lightly…. no matter who it is or where it is said to come from. I remind you to inform yourself with facts, news, your own intelligence and anchor it with your own opinion….I believe you can be just as informed as anyone.

Why We Continue to be Excited!

Once you read the articles, sort the facts, and weigh your own opinions, I believe you will realize why the vast majority of the RV hopeful’s are so excited.

From the simple investor to the dinar wizard hiding behind the curtain everyone realizes this moment in time is the most exciting we have ever experienced. Perhaps the most frustrating as well….Just because we are that close!

In recent weeks the following events have occurred:
Chapter VII trade sanctions lifted
Iraq government formation completed
Continued moves by the GOI to enter into a global market economy
The Paris Club Debt is set to expire December 31
High demand for oil
Worldwide reassurance to support the Iraq economy in research, exploration, and extraction of oil deposits
Parliament remains aggressive in solving legislative issues
Continued actions and statement by the Central Bank of Iraq expressing need to strengthen the dinar

But the RV has yet to reveal itself.

If you were able to take each bit of data collected over the years, chart each milestone, and plot a general moment in time when the revaluation of the dinar would likely occur it would be now, this very moment in history. Maybe not this very day or week per se but this moment in time.

A moment in time is not expressed by an exact time but a point in history or better yet a time for logical development.

Meteorologist can study a storm for hours and even with the greatest of technology can’t predict the exact location or time when a hurricane or a tornado will form or when it will make landfall.

But within the range of their education, common sense, and scientific instruments a meteorologist can predict a general path and/or a moment in time when the storm could arrive.

I firmly believe nobody truly knows when the RV will occur except for those behind the event itself.

We as investors are not privy to the exact date and time (with good reason) but we are informed with the breadcrumbs, we see the milestone achievements, and we see the storm brewing!!

What Now?

Like I discussed in last weeks RV-O-Meter update it is possible we are waiting for the unknown factor to reveal itself as the cause of this delay prior to the RV. The unknown factor being that pesky 1% we need to reach Cash In Day!

If the Budget is a factor or if the HCL is a factor…this will be resolved timely. Especially the budget.

But ever hear of the term “chasing the red herring”?

It is an old term that means you are diverting your attention from the real problem or possibly in our case the real solution – Shabibi.

As we continue to sift through the headlines; the coming hours, days, or maybe weeks will cause us to face some emotional up and downs - much like we are seeing this week with more talk about budget law setbacks, parliament taking holiday, infighting amongst the political blocs, etc.

All of this drama when we need resolutions or do we?

These minor setbacks we read about everyday may not be a setback at all. It is highly probable everything that needs to be done is completed. We simply need to be patient.

The RV may not be dependent on the budget law, the HCL law, or any parliament legislation. After all the CBI has stated it was free from the chains of UN sanctions and Iraq’s economy is now liberated.

Therefore the RV delay may simply be a matter of time or when Shabibi and the CBI fulfill their duties and finally determine the time is right to revalue the dinar.

Dr. Shabibi is an intelligent, educated individual who realizes the importance of the Central Bank in Iraq. Shabibi’s statements alone give credence to the future of the revaluation of the dinar.

Keep Focused, Keep Grounded, Be Encouraged, Keep Faithful

I refrain from projecting dates or rates. But do suspect we are in the closing weeks if not days of this investment. Not because of intel or rumor but just because of the facts that have been outlined in recent days.

Keep focused on the positive news that has occurred.

Keep grounded with each rumor or bit of intel that surfaces.

Be encouraged with each great stride Iraq makes in its government.

Keep your faith Iraq and the RV will soon emerge.

And soon we will all have a pocketful of blessings.

Just Hopin