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Iraq Deputies: Adoption of law distributing wealth to Iraqis will be a priority for the House of Representatives
2011-01-04 21:13:01
Baghdad / January 4 (Rn) – The Iraqi deputies, Tuesday, that the adoption of a law for the distribution of wealth on the Iraqis will be one of the first House of Representatives in the next phase.

The MP said the Iraqi List, the beauty of the melon Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that “the Iraqi Council of Representatives put his key priorities of passing a law which distributes wealth fairly to all Iraqis.”

He added that “the law of distribution of wealth will come before the Council of Ministers and presented to the House of Representatives and taught well to approval and regulation”.

Between the melon and that “there is a near agreement between the political blocs on the need to pass a law regulating the distribution of wealth in the country according to population density in each region.”

For his part, MP for the National Alliance of Abbas Hammoud Xiaa Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that “the adoption of a law regulating the distribution of wealth contribute to raising the economic level of the Iraqis in line with developments in the field of reconstruction and the economy.”

He suggested discussing the law of distribution of wealth with the law of oil and gas being the “clinging to one another to develop a mechanism for the development of the reality of wealth in the country and take advantage of them.”

He said the “House of Representatives will give priority to passing laws that are not approved by the previous parliament a private laws of an economic or organizational work of the government.”

Intends to present the House of Representatives approved a package of laws that could not be adopted as law on the former oil and gas law and the federal budget for 2011.

In the opinion of specialists that there is a need to define and regulate the distribution of wealth in the country, especially that the Constitution affirmed this, depending on the ratio of population and the extent of Mahromep provinces