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Interesting Baghdad, Iraq Advertisement
2011-01-07 17:53:54


Below is an ad I saw today. Interesting offering of currency exchange over there – haven’t seen this previously … just thought I’d share and see what you thought:

Here is the translated version:

Atlas International Forex Company (Atlas International) for the exchange of currencies. Company officially registered to deal in this area, based in Toronto Canada, Inc. (Atlas of Iraq) for the exchange of currencies, the company officially registered to deal in this area, based in Baghdad, Iraq. Our company is working on the performance of a single message – is to provide foreign currency exchange services to our customers. And consulting necessary to help them in the performance of their dealings in foreign currencies, effectively. And the best means appropriate to the circumstances of each individual customer. Check the company’s communications. And conduct operations and exchange transactions across the world currencies following major: – ($ U.S., Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, and dealing in gold and silver and oil as well as other currencies … the lowest amount for Investment = ($ 500) U.S. minimum to open account real …