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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Enorrste Update: G.E.T. 1/10/11
2011-01-10 23:40:43
As I see it these are the following things to be done:
1. Announcement of the final 3 cabinet positions and vote on them in parliament
2. Finalize the GOI and vote on it in parliament
3. Finalize Allawi’s council membership and vote on it in parliament
4. Finalize the 2011 budget and vote on it in parliament

As we can see parliament is now holding the bag. I’m told that Parliament was meeting quietly last week to work on these issues. I’m also told that Allawi and Maliki have agreed on the last 3 cabinet positions and that Allawi is ready to be accepted as head of the new council. I’m also told that the final vote on the GOI can go forward any day as well.

Finally, even though we heard the budget was read 3 times and even published apparently they needed to make some changes due to complaints from the Kurds. This has now apparently been worked out but they will have to do the readings and publishing again, as I see it.

Therefore, look to see lots coming out from Parliament this coming week. Hopefully by the end of this coming week we should get our prize.

But who knows, I could be wrong!

Steve (Enorrste)