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Baghdad raises the percentage of part investment in the budget in 2011
2011-01-11 11:20:06
A member of the Mohamed Fadel Kurdistan News Agency (Rn), “The Iraqi government raised the investment ratio in the budget in 2011 from 23% to 30% after it reduced many of the requirements of the operational plan for this year.”

Mohammed said that “the proportion of part operational in the current year budget of 70% would go to salaries and financial benefits of the staff, and another part which is worth up to 20% is allocated for the purchase of the needs of ministries and government bodies such as automobiles, maintenance and technical equipment and office supplies.”

He said that Mohammed “high rate of fissure in the operational budget for the part because of investment returns and income from employment mechanism which requires the State to reform in line with new economic development in the region and the world.”

The Attorney-Chuan Mohamed Taha told (Rn) earlier in the day that the House of Representatives decided in today’s session at the request of the Chair to postpone the first reading of the draft general budget for 2011, because of technical Nicosat in the budget of the project such as printing and other things.

The coalition and Kurdish blocs withdrew from the meeting read last month to protest the provincial allocations and requirements set for the allocation of consideration in addition to reading the first void.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the draft general budget for 2011 a deficit of $ 12 billion will be covered by the amounts retained from the previous year’s budget and borrow internally and externally, between the expected income is estimated at 66.7 billion dollars, while expenditures amounted to 78.7 billion dollars, a shortfall of 12 billion dollars