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Eagle has landed Post: Peoples Dinar (The Story Behind the Doha Bank in Kuwait)
2011-01-12 02:21:09
The Story Behind the Doha Bank in Kuwait

I had an extended conversation with a Peoples Dinar Member who wanted to remain anonymous.

Here is what we concluded:

1. As we all know, Kuwait wanted to be paid in pre-RV Dinar for reparations.
2. Iraq could not pay Kuwait in pre-RV Dinar.
3. Iraq allegedly did best next thing.
4. Iraq allegedly leaked the rate and date to Kuwait.
5. Doha Bank, allegedly acting on behalf of Kuwaiti Govt, bought IQD at rate of 35cents per IQD knowing the true rate and date.
6. Doha Bank/Kuwaiti Govt had a twenty-four hour window to complete this transaction.
7. IQD was listed on Doha’s site for twenty-four hours and is now down.
8. Doha Bank ONLY bought IQD from Kuwaiti citizens, for 35cents per IQD, who had minimum of $100,000 acct with Doha bank.
9. When Kuwait sells the Dinar they purchased at 35cents per IQD they will make BILLIONS based on the new rate.
10. In the end, Kuwait got what it wanted all along from Iraq!
11. As anonymous said – smooth as a baby’s a$$.


1. That 35cent rate was on Doha Bank site for 24 hours.
2. That Doha Bank only offered the deal to Kuwaiti citizens who had minimum $100,000 acct with Doha Bank.
3. That Kuwaiti Govt wanted to be paid in pre-RV IQD.
4. That there were long lines at Doha Bank these past twenty-four hours and that Americans could not get past the receptionist.


1. That Iraq gave Kuwait this window of opportunity.
2. The Kuwaiti citizens who cashed-in for 35cents have 100′s of Millions of IQD, or more, and did so for some quick USD petty-cash.
3. The big boys will play with the RV first and make Billions; and then it will be our turn – soon!