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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

PourItForward Email to DD: 1/12/11 (Time to Get Classy)
2011-01-13 01:27:57
Let’s start with this…I am registered with SEVERAL Dinar sites…and I love them all. Has there been some pumping…absolutely. Has there been some people stating rates and dates…absolutely. Have they been wrong…absolutely. But…here is the truth…as in life I find about 95% of everyone are good people…trying to do and be the best they can be. The truth is…I am very frustrated with all bashing of the others…and they are only trying to do the right thing. It’s time to do the right thing and give people a break. On one site…they push books and info…so what…they disclosed it. I and only I made the choice to purchase. On one site…they are promoting a huge expensive fundraiser…don’t go if you don’t want to…but don’t bash those promoting to help those veterans who gave us this wonderful opportunity. One site is promoting training with attorneys after rv…good for them. I will be there. You may or may not be…it’s ok…but don’t bash. Remember this…the truth in Iraq can change in an hour. IT’S TIME TO GET CLASSY.

Now for the news: My Opinions:
1) We’ve heard about Kuwait Banks BUYING DINARS AT .35….It’s confirmed by many folks. (In Iraq) THIS IS GOOD
2) Don’t call the banks or pound them. They hate being overwhelmed. THIS IS OBVIOUS
3) The rate is locked and set…wont change. From a very reliable source. THIS I LIKE A LOT
4) We are working on a VERY VERY high source in Jordan for information. I WILL POST WHEN POSSIBLE
5) Nothing I have read, studied, or have understood leads me to believe this will revalue at .86 cents. ALSO GOOD
6) There are huge regional events coming up in the ME…Iraq (HOST) wants to be there with their chest puffed out and a real currency.
7) Biden is in Iraq…Hillary on the way…THIS IS EXCELLENT
Banks make very few mistakes…I’m betting the locked in rate(which is high) is correct.
9) I believe(my opinion only) the RV has begun…but it’s MUCH more complicated and a HUGE process. I ‘m pretty good at reading between the lines.
10) Don’t know if IMF can step in…but I’ll bet they are putting pressure on them…The world needs this bad.

Finally…I want to thank you all…my buddies…the leaders of all sites…those that have invested to help not only themselves and Iraqis but others too. Thanks especially to my wife who has given me the latitude to spend almost 3000 hours pecking away at the computerand being on the phone….love ya….BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…THANKS TO THE SOLDIERS WHO GAVE EVERYTHING TO GIVE US THIS UNBELIEVABLE OPPORTUNITY. Last night I was on a very funny call…Blaino…you were very good my friend. But afterward…I just thanked GOD I am part of this wonderful family. I BEG you to help others when this is over. POURITFORWARD