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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Some updates
2011-01-18 11:27:37

I am posting information this week a bit differently than past weeks, in that I feel I need to address a few things directly with you to help ease concerns, and to give you a true indication of where I stand on things at present. Additionally, I feel I can help you understand what happened with the Kuwaiti and Jordanian Banks that showed the rates they did last week, and all the crazy and irresponsible claims that followed that fiasco. I hope my efforts will shed light on something that has confused many.

1) The bank information you heard/read about last week was true. Certain Kuwaiti and Jordanian Banks were in fact offering a .36 rate (36 cents USD) on the Dinar last week.

2) NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE (Kuwaitis, Really Rich Americans, and/or Jordanians) cashed in at that rate last week.

3) This was a rogue move by “certain” banks within those countries to try and take advantage of the “tight” market on Dinars to buy more up cheap, knowing the actual RV rate would be higher, and they speculated it was imminently happening.

4) Their “sly” move was found out by the US Treasury, and the Treasury Departments for Kuwait and Jordan were immediately informed to stop the action by their independently acting banks. That was done prior to any actual appointments for cash-ins were accomplished, but not until AFTER several well-connected business men and women were contacted by the acting banks to set up an appointment to cash-in.

5) I know this as certain businessmen I communicate with were actually invited by these Kuwaiti Banks to fly out and cash in prior to them being told that would no longer be possible. These are men/women who are extremely connected, and who do NOT attend these forums for their information, and who have no reason to read about their investment, as any information they wish to have about this investment is given to them based upon their stature, position, and/or connections.

6) Biden was indeed sent to Iraq to act as the mediator in assisting Iraq with their security files. Those files are now under US scrutiny and control. It is anticipated Iraq will wrap up that issue within the Iraqi Government in short order, but there are no guarantees. As this is the largest point of contention within Iraq, this should be interesting. As such, we wait still, as there are “issues” within Iraq dealing with Maliki and Iran that have caused great concern within the Iraqi and US Governments about that aspect within their government. So NO… this is NOT a done deal yet, and it has NOT been authorized to roll-out to certain “friends of Iraq” countries first.

I post these questions to you…

- WHO, of all the countries in the world, is a greater friend to Iraq than the United States of America? NO ONE! We liberated them from an evil dictator and horrific poverty, and are now setting them up to be one of the richest countries in the world, just like we did to Kuwait!

- WHO, of all the countries in the world, has given more and sacrificed more for their God-forsaken sandbox and land than the United States of America? NO ONE!!!

As such, do you honestly wish to continue to believe that a country such as Jordan would get preferential treatment to the United States of America? I don’t think so! At present, Iraq is still occupied by the USA, controlled by the USA, under sanctions by the UN (controlled by the USA), and so on. Do I need to go on?

7) NOTHING will happen, regardless of what others say on other sites, until the government is complete (Major Ministerial positions appointed, filled, and approved).

 NOTHING will happen, regardless of what others say on other sites, until the Budget is approved/ratified by Parliament.

9) NOTHING will happen, regardless of what others say on other sites, until the HCL (Hydro-Carbon Law) is passed by Parliament (this may or may not have already been passed within the Erbil Agreement (hidden within). Until we know for sure, I choose to believe that it has NOT been passed yet. For me, it’s easier that way… less disappointment and frustration in the fact-finding process.

10) I need to address the subject of my friend Okie Oil Man. Plain and simple, I can’t continue to back his information. He is my friend, and I know he is genuine with his intentions, but I can’t support how or what he shares as his information along side “others” in the Dinar info-sharing community. Take it for what its worth, more information from a well-meaning gentleman who has great connections, but who’s connections also appear to be wrong much of the time with their information. His information, like all others, should be used by you to gain points of reference in your search for truth and knowledge.

11) Any information sharing that this RV will come in “piece meal” is, in my opinion, completely false and made up information. With all respect to those who believe what they are sharing is true, this can not come in one country at a time. It will be made available to all at once. This information, was incorrectly surmised by those who saw the rates in Kuwait and Jordan, then assumed to mean something more than what it was… independent acts by rogue banks who were unauthorized to do so. As such, they were reprimanded, caused a lot of commotion, and weren’t able to follow through with the cash-in appointments they had made with certain high worth individuals.

12) Breitling and I have spent considerable time visiting over the past couple of years about this event. We are of the same opinion that the RV should still take place in Q1 of this year. HOWEVER, if it doesn’t, it has to do with the information above, namely the government not being seated. So, in his opinion, and mine as well, if we don’t see this happen by March, we won’t be looking for it to happen until late June when the DFI funds for Iraq are officially no longer protected by the world’s governing bodies. it’s typical for Iraq to do things last minute, and this may yet be one of those cases. Either way, we are both still confident this will happen, but in Iraq’s time, not ours.

As such, please stay away from the “gamble” of time-sensitive investments in the Dinar (i.e. Dinars on Reserve), unless you intend to use them for what they are for… to place a down-payment on an investment that you intend to pay off with money you already have the means to invest with.

Please hold this information for what it is… strictly my opinion given in the most honest and sincere way I can.

Hang in there! It’s clear we are getting close, but if the Iraqi government doesn’t get their act together, and soon, we may easily see this slip into June when the end of the DFI funds protection ends.

Oh, and one other thing… don’t be surprised if the “tight market” that we are currently seeing on the Iraqi Dinar loosens up within the next week or two. This would be done by the CBI if it happened.

Go Dinar!