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Just4Dinar Post: Venezuela Currency Revalues
2011-01-21 18:32:36

Just updated on UN Operational Rates of Exchange Site, link provided. https://treasury.un….ionalRates.aspx CD Historic Rates VEF (Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte) Used in the following countries: Venezuela Export to: XML Excel Processing, please wait. Operational Rate Effective Date 4.29 21 Jan 2011 2.5935 15 Jun 2010 4.29 01 Mar 2010 2.5935 01 Feb 2010 2.6 25 Jan 2010 more O yeah baby…thats what Im talkin bout. The good part of the message is that this is the FIRST rate change of 2011 posted by the UN. We know they are at least working this year! First rate change since Dec. 31, 2010. Question: was Venezuela a part of the basket of currencies we are waiting on? If so, then what I’m seeing is in March 2010 it was $4 then it dv’d to $2. now it’s rv’ing up again. If it’s in the basket then that’s a plus if it’s not, then the venez govt is rogue It is great news my friend. This Currency Devaluation appears to have been decided 3 weeks ago………sound familiar??? The other interesting thing (perhaps) that I noticed was that the EFFECTIVE DATE is 1/21/2011 (TOMORROW). And yes, it is great to see them change on the 20th of the month, which gives no credence to the 1st and 15th garbage we heard from many FX “gurus” that shall remain nameless. Cheers my friend. What a ride……… Oops it did go down! No different than 1170-1 for IQD….we want that down to like >.26 would be $3.85rv As Eagle has stated, the best news is UN has RV’d a currenct for 2011! Come on…keep it coming until the RV is done in Iraq