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How is Iraq Paying for all the Current Rebuilding?
2011-01-25 01:39:02

How is Iraq paying for all the rebuilding that is going on in Iraq? Does any one know the answer to this question?

Hey….. Good Question Ralph.

I have always wanted to know that myself….. so started doing a whole lotta reading, digging, studying, watching, listening, commenting and asking myself and others, those types of questions.

Obviously, the Stand By Agreement with the IMF is based on a global assistance program for underdeveloped nations, to assist in meeting balanced budgets, while helping in such development as is needed.

That is just for starters. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, (UNAMI), is also part of such a plan….. and still that is just for starters.

Iraq is an oil, minerals and natural resource rich region, with over 150 Billion Barrels of proven oil reserves, along with some 500 Billion Barrels of estimated undiscovered reserves, and that is just the oil.

In addition to that, Iraq, is among the worlds to producers of natural gas, it is one of the top sulfur deposits on the planet, it is literally the cradle of civilization, in that it is in the heart of the rich and fertile valleys of the Tigres and Euphrates Rivers, which gives it the potential of becoming one of the premier agricultural lands of the entire Middle East.

Iraq is known to have literally Hundreds of Billions of Dollars worth of additional assets, in non mint precious metals and frozen assets, plus a very real and substantial futures market in many other areas, of international banking and due to become a great lending nation.

In addition to that, I would add, the potential of industrial and commercial growth, and their own ISX stock exchange.

The currency of Iraq, is just one of the many opportunities there, due to the estimated projected growth plans, that will add additional growth, both inside and outside of Iraq. The development, itself, is a tremendous job creator, investment value, and will more than likely become highly profitable, to those investors, globally inside and outside of Iraq, in a magnitude, such as has not been seen, since the industrial revolution of America.

All this adds up, to spell out, a vast income generating potential, to become one of the premier economies of the Free World.

Does this help answer the question? It really is, a very good question. I hope you continue to ask it.