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Dinar Daddy: A “Sign” or Two?
2011-01-28 23:47:31

I just want to throw this out there…

I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the past week that I’m hearing that more may be going on behind the scenes than what we are aware of. Without specifically stating that this is indeed happening, I want to use what is happening right now to help you understand what I believe things will be like when we finally see this ride come to an end. Here’s what I see…

1) A very news-poor week, with the major outlets repeating themselves without really saying anything.

2) Incorrect and/or confusing information coming from all directions.

3) Restlessness amongst the civilians in Iraq, and throughout the Middle-East. They really are pushing this thing to the very edge, and as such, they may find things start to slide backwards if the government of Iraq continues to hold out on its people.

4) Absolute confusion amongst the “online” Dinar followers, with certain posters having spent pretty much all their credibility with crazy conspiratorial discussions, and incorrect predictions every week with unnamed sources.

5) A sense that we could be a long way off before this investment may hit. Almost a sense of hopelessness, or lethargy.

6) An “easing” of the market after a considerable “tightening” of access to the Dinar in what seemed to be a precursor to bigger events.

7) An imminent and necessary finalization of the ministerial positions within the government of Iraq.

8 ) HCL (Hydro-Carbon Law) discussions have increased.

9) An imminent and necessary finalization of the budget with Parliament reconvening on the 31st.

Yes, there are some interesting things going on this week. If I were a betting man, which I am not, I’d say this TYPE of a week would be exactly the TYPE of week we will experience when this finally comes down. In my opinion, and based on what I’ve heard about how things went down with Kuwait, we’ll have no clue when this finally hits. It won’t be near any date or time-frame we’d consider important or of note. There will be no fanfare or major announcements. It will just show up one day, like it has always been there.

Anyway, these are my thoughts…

Go Dinar!