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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

SUMMARY: Scooter Chat: Dinar Vets
2011-01-31 15:40:07

1. Found a couple of facts that they were unaware of
2. 3/31 is very very important date as a US citizen; it is the date we run out of funds
2. Congress must make a decision to extend and grow the debt, which requires serious laws
3. After 3/31, our credit rating is on the line, which is not good
4. RV prior to the Arab summit would create “marketing splash”
5. Iraq needs massive capital inflows before 6/30, when the DFI expires
6. Many don’t realize how important the credit rating is. It would only take one ignition point and all heck would break loose
7. The USD could spiral out of control with nothing to back it
8. Our intake of revenues is completely unstable
9. The good news, in Scooter’s opinion, is that it is coming sooner rather than later…anytime
10. The two most powerful men in the world just met in DC 3 days–maybe a week later
11. Why do you think the Federal Court decision was taken? There is a big reason, but Scooter will let the person who found the reason tell later
12. Egypt and Tunisia brings an element of uncertainty to Iraq in a good way
13. If this little project (referring to democracy in Iraq) work in Iraq, and there’s significant uprising in nearby countries….just made Scooter wonder if the uprising was caused by the US
14. Parliament has in fact been meeting
15. Look carefully at the notes and you’ll see 2 things have been moved out of the way to get this to happen sooner rather than later
16. (1) Have you noticed that there hasn’t been any outrage from the US or UN over Maliki’s move?
17. Big money wants this done now
18. They are moving forward with more GE equipment purchases
19. (2) Maliki took over the Electoral Commission
20. Scooter thinks Shabibi had the guts to do it, but couldn’t move the roadblock out of the way