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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Take “speculation” out of the currency investment equation
2011-02-20 21:56:18

With all the speculation surrounding the Iraqi Dinar, Breitling and I chose to create a path that would take “speculation” out of the currency investment equation, and bring back professionalism and irrefutable truths so many crave to support their theories, hopes, dreams, and reasons for investing in this speculative currency of a very volatile, third-world, war-torn country in the Middle East, even the country of Iraq. As such, this document has been compiled based on information not written by us, but which we’ve known about, or have acquired, that assists us in coming to a solid determination about where we personally stand with our own investment in the official currency of Iraq, the New Iraqi Dinar.

Investment “Canons” Introduced

No doubt there are others we’ve left out, and in fact, we even welcome the assistance of others who choose to provide their take and/or additional information, along with tangible validation through source information, links, documents, and so on, to add to this small but very solid list of canons that give us reason to be optimistic about the future increase in the rate of exchange. Here’s the list we’ve compiled so far:

The History of the Iraqi Dinar (IQD)
Iraq’s Economy (current and potential growth)
Executive Order 13303
Iraq’s Oil Reserves
Iraq’s Oil Services Contracts
History & Purpose of the CBI
Development Fund for Iraq (DFI)
Iraq Experience Project (Interview w/ Brigadier General Hugh Tant)
History of the “New Iraqi Dinar” (IQD)
Here is a list of additional “Canons” we’re still tracking down additional information on before presenting it within this reference post/document.
IMF – International Monetary Fund (STILL TRACKING DOWN MORE INFO… History of Adjusting Currency Rates)
OFAC – Office of Foreign Assets Control (STILL TRACKING DOWN MORE INFO… Must Come Off to be Internationally Recognized Currency)

Iraq’s UN Sanctions: Chapter 7 (STILL TRACKING DOWN MORE INFO… Must Be Released from ALL Sanctions to be recognized as a truly “sovereign” nation, capable of managing all it’s own affairs, including that of their currency as it stands in the brotherhood of internationally recognized currencies that add value to the world stage as a whole.)

We will review each of the above with as much detail as we have available to us within this document in order to draw a certain probable conclusion that, assuming all continues to go as is outlined and planned, results in an increase in the value of the Iraqi Dinar, thus raising the value of our portfolio that holds Iraqi Dinar notes (physical and/or electronic).