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Site Member Info: Conversation w/ Iraqi-American (DD’s Take Incl.)
2011-02-21 16:48:31

TIDBIT: This email to me explains it all. We get caught in the specifics, and no doubt will continue to do so, but the reality is that this thing will play out, and eventually pay off. In my opinion, I’ve made a great investment into the Iraqi Dinar. Whether it takes 5 days or 5 years more, I know I’ve done well to participate in this incredible opportunity. Iraq can’t stay down forever, and things will eventually increase.

To what level, and how fast, it really doesn’t matter. I feel I’m on the right track, and I’m comfortable in that knowledge. I’m accountable and self-reliant in my understanding and reasons for why I’ve invested, and what amount I’ve chosen to lock up in this less liquid opportunity.

It would be nice for each investor to come to that same place, and focus on the fundamental reasons they’ve invested, versus the fly-by-night rumors and promises of an imminent payoff. Stop gambling and start investing! What’s the difference? Sometimes is simply in your “reasons” for doing what you do. Other times, it’s in the knowledge you acquire along the way. Either way, we are still waiting…

Go Iraq… Go Dinar! – DD


I had a conversation today with a local Iraqi-American named Sam who I do business with. He still has family there who he speaks to frequently and he keeps up with what is going on there. I asked him if things were getting better in Iraq. He told me: “Things are much better than under Saddam”. I asked him what he thought about the new government. He told me: “The new government will be better but there is much bickering because of all the factions that used to hate each other now trying to work together. It is hard to determine your own destiny when you have lived under a dictatorship for so long”.

I asked him what he had heard about the RV. He told me very confidently, obviously proud of his country: “You know Iraq will be the richest country in the World. We have the most natural resources and most of them haven’t even been discovered yet. It is where civilization began. Once the problems with the Kuwaitis is resolved and the oil starts pumping Iraq will be wealthy and the people will no longer be living in poverty. The dinar will have value like before the war.”

There you have it. No links. No anything, other than a conversation with a guy I do business with who is from Iraq and still has family there he stays in touch with. Most everything he said are things most of us already know from the posts and forums, but it was nice to hear it from someone else.

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