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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

2011-02-23 07:30:37
HISTORY The Iraq Dinar was worth $3.22 USD (U.S. Dollars) in 1992. After the first Gulf War the Dinar dropped in value to approximately $0.30, under the U.S. Embargo. Iraq is now free to trade internationally and most of it's international debt has been relieved. If the Iraq Dinar returns to pre-war levels of $0.30 a 1000 Dinar note would be worth $300.00!

If the Dinar returns to pre-Gulf War levels, 1,000 Dinar will be worth over $3,100.00... and experts are saying that it will, as it's value has SKYROCKETED over the past couple of years!

The current Iraq Dinar (IQD) was introduced for a 1:1 exchange rate to new Dinars between October 2003 and January 2004 by the Coalition Provisional Authority in close consultation with financial experts from Iraq and the international community.

Start investing TODAY before their value climbs even higher, and you miss out on this HUGE opportunity!

THE DINAR NOW Soldiers and contractors in Iraq are buying up the Dinar like crazy, they know that the situation in Iraq will improve eventually. Surrounding Gulf nations are also buying the Dinar.


Iraq has the second largest Oil reserve in the world next to Saudi Arabia. Americans use Gasoline, lots of it, and Iraq is going to keep taking in U.S. dollars as long as Americans keep driving. This is great for the Iraqi economy and for the value of the Dinar.

This is a great opportunity to buy low with the potential to sell HIGH. Do not miss out on the Dinar! Buy them now before they are all gone, or the price goes up!


Here is some expert testimonial on where the Iraq Dinar is headed:

IRAQI STOCK MARKET PRESS RELEASE June 7, 2004 "Bankers at the Bank of Nasariah, World Bank, are projecting the Dinar value to be .43 cents US per Dinar within the next decade".

This would make a 25,000 Dinar bill worth $10,750.00 US and 1,000,000 Dinar would be worth $430,000.00 US! The United States is building the largest U.S. Embassy in the world in Baghdad!


With the new Iraqi government in place the Dinar should gain faster than before. The prediction is that the Dinar will start trading with the world banks in November, at that time the cost of buying Dinars may become too expensive to invest in.

Purchasing the New Dinar could be an opportunity of a lifetime since the New Dinar has risen over 88% in value since it's inception. It may well return to the pre-gulf war value of 1 Dinar being equal to $3.00 US, making a new 25,000 Dinar note worth $75,000.00 US and 1,000,000 Dinar worth over $3,000,000.00!


The Wall Street Journal reports that the Dinar is increasing rapidly in value. Only the new Dinar can be used as currency today and the Iraqi government is destroying all of the old notes. Dinar values may skyrocket in upcoming months.