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The Rabbit Hole part 1
2011-03-25 23:46:55

We are about to embark down a very long and deep rabbit hole. This rabbit hole splits into many sections, and it has many layers. Like an onion, if we peel layer after layer we will discover something new. The amount of research put into this is large compared to the dinar itself. At times you will say to yourself, What does this have to do with my dinar investment? At other times you will be amazed at the things uncovered. Every time I answered one question I had about 3 more surface, and every time I turned over a stone 3 more stones came into view. I strongly suggest you click on all the links. Some links are videos that clear up some of the mystery to what is really going on. The links are my sources, and they have all the answers you seek. Other links are sites that contain information and reference materials. If you take the time to do this you will understand more about what is going on with this investment. You will also understand what certain gurus are going to say next and where their actual intel is coming from. So lets start our journey.

Our journey begins at the stock market. We need to understand a few things about how the stock market works. There is a practice called short selling which works like this. You buy some shares in a company from your stock broker. Your broker does not yet have the shares available to sell. He issues you an IOU, and when the shares become available later on that same day, or the next day he swaps the IOU for the actual shares. He has up to 3 days to deliver your shares. Because this exchange is done electronically, it is a pretty easy thing to do. When you receive your IOU it shows up as a stock purchase on your computer. You never know you have an IOU because it looks exactly like the shares you purchased. Short selling is legal because it allows massive volumes of shares to move within the markets. If a Company’s stock is about to be dumped, short selling allows for the sale and movement of that stock. If a company’s stock is going to be purchased, short selling allows people to acquire and secure the purchase before the stock price goes up.

There is another practice similar to this called naked short selling. It works the same way as short selling. The difference is the IOU is never traded for the actual stock. Months can go by while that IOU is circulated as a stock. The IOU circulating is called a phantom share. These phantom shares expand the actual stock that is issued by the company. This dilutes the stock and steals value from the original stock. This practice has ruined companies and has destroyed jobs. Naked short selling is illegal for obvious reasons. The federal department that enforces the laws of the stock market is called The Securities Exchange Commission. (SEC) Check out this video about this topic. It will reveal how the stock market is rigged.

If you watched this video than you now know that the whole system is rigged and the stock market is really a house of cards. Check out this video.

Now let’s talk about another practice regarding currency which is known as monetizing. Monetization is the process of establishing something into legal tender. It usually refers to banknotes by central banks. Different types of assets can be monetized. In Americas current money system debt is monetized. This action increases the monetary base of our money supply. Traditional measures such as GDP can not be used to determine the size of the money supply when a nations debt is monetized. Click the links and watch the video.

Resources such as Oil and Natural gas can be monetized while they remain in the ground. This is done through the sale of futures. A future is basically an agreement or contract that sells the oil before it is drilled from the ground. This creates supply and demand issues which in turn drive up the price of that commodity. Futures can also be used to create money and back a nations currency. Futures or monetizing commodities can be used to drive up the price of said commodities and increase demand while creating an artificial short fall. Check out this short article from 2008

There is another anomaly that’s happens in stock markets known as a bubble. ( AKA Stock Market Bubble) A stock market bubble is a type of economic bubble that drives stock prices above their real value in relation to some system of stock valuation. Once the bubble bursts or collapses. The stock takes a steep nose dive. Some famous bubbles have been The Mississippi bubble in France, the south sea bubble in England, the dot-com bubble in the late 90s, and recently the housing bubble.

As you can see by now, our entire economic system is nothing more than a house of cards built on a sea of sand! Now that we have covered some of the risks of investing in the stock market, lets look at what happened in 2008. Events lined up that created a perfect storm and caused severe damage to the US economy. The winds came, and the rain descended, and the economy was severely damaged. And great was the fall of it!

It was in the winter of 2008. In the month of February. I checked my 401 k. I had a healthy balance sheet and I was well on my way to retirement. I remember feeling a sense of security. I wish I knew what was about to happen. The events that transpired served as my wake up call. If you clicked on the second link in this video you saw a short video with the CEO of He declared the stock market is a rigged house of cards. He also declared a coming economic collapse. You could tell that those who were interviewing him on MSNBC thought he was crazy. In 2007 the housing market began to look like it was in trouble as people began to default on their mortgages. This led to the perfect storm of 2008. So what happened in March of 2008? Watch this video and see.

After this first wave of the storm the next wave hit, and hit hard. Oil was driven up to $149.00 a barrel. This was done through the use of futures and monetizing oil. This created an artificial supply shortage for oil which drove the price way up.

oil futures continued to rise and demand for those futures increased.

Now the third wave of this storm began to hit hard. As oil prices rose, goods and services also went up. Everything from food and basic necessities went up in price as the cost of delivering goods to markets increased. The extra cost of delivering the goods to market was passed on to the consumer. The American consumer was faced with a tough decision. Either they pay for the goods or services they need to survive day-to-day, or they pay their mortgage. Since most Americans lived from pay check to pay check, they chose to pay for their immediate needs, and mortgages went unpaid. This resulted in the complete collapse of the housing market as the bubble imploded. In addition to this companies folded and job losses increased resulting in even more foreclosures.

In just 4 months I lost half of my 401k. I kept putting money into it expecting the market to turn around at some point, but it never did. I worked right along side of people who lost as much as 200,000 to 250,000 from their 401k. It was now apparent to me that I could no longer rely on my retirement accounts and I began to seek other investment strategies. That is when I discovered the dinar. Then something interesting happened. A man by the name of Lindsey Williams said that oil was going to fall to 50.00 a barrel. Everyone laughed him to scorn. Looking back we can see that oil fell to under 50.00 to just above 30.00 a barrel.

The devastation of this storm was very great. It was also orchestrated.

Goldman Sachs is a Rothschild entity. I believe these hedge funds are responsible for the damage and collapse of the US economy. When the dust finally settled Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch, and J.P. Morgan bought Bear Stearns. Those same banks also have a bunch of (currently worthless) Iraqi currency and Iraqi bonds. When you add holdings of the failing companies in with the big surviving banks, It becomes apparent that the survivors now have a huge supply of Iraqi dinar and Iraqi bonds. Both JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley are associates with the Rothschilds. The fat cats let Companies like Lehman Brothers go bankrupt possibly because they had no Iraqi bonds or Iraqi dinar in their portfolio.

As we begin to make our way through this rabbit hole we discover that up is down and down is up, black is white and white is black, and good is bad and bad is good. Just as Alice discovered. Everything is not what it seems to be. Let’s go a little further.

There is a company called Casavant Mining Kimberlite International Inc AKA CMKM Diamonds. Their stock symbol is CMKX. This company was used by the Department of Justice and Homeland Security. They setup a sting operation to catch people involved in naked short selling. The SEC knew this was going on and looked the other way. It is the job of the SEC to protect the investor, but it allowed other government agencies to use a sting operation to catch crooks. When all was said and done 45 thousand investors lost lots of money. This happened between 2004 and 2005. A lawyer by the name of Al Clifton Hodges. Filed a law suit on behalf of 7 shareholders which later turned into a class action suit for 3.87 trillion dollars. Here is the legal paper work.

The 3.87 trillion dollars is what the US government took from the crooks of the sting operation. The law suit wants this money for the legitimate share holders of CMKX

It is said that the company CMKM diamonds was never a real company to begin with. The whole thing was set up as a way to defraud investors.

Although the SEC knew about the naked short selling and fraud, it never issued any warnings until June of 2005

When the government busted the crooks of this enterprise they made them pay restitution, but they have yet to prosecute anyone who sold or made the phantom shares. There were 2.25 trillion phantom shares created. To learn more watch these videos.

If you want to know more about this law suit the next three links contain a wealth of information.

So what does all this have to do with the dinar? Good question, I am glad you asked. Apparently there are those people who own CMKX shares and Iraqi dinar. These people believe that the revalue of the Iraqi dinar is related and goes hand in hand with the payout of CMKX. Here is a post from one of the chat rooms.

(7:18 PM) very_tired15: G’evening
(7:18 PM) very_tired15: thx
(7:19 PM) very_tired15: 2525… maybe we will be paid in 2525
(7:19 PM) very_tired15: Thanks
(7:22 PM) very_tired15: Is there a good word to be had?
(7:22 PM) very_tired15: I did speak to AH today, but he had nothing definite to report. He expected some action this week, but that was his opinion.
(7:23 PM) very_tired15: I swear, Iwould almost bet that the feds used iour money and are waiting for the dinar to RV to pay us.. just my opinion
(7:25 PM) very_tired15: My opinion who is holding it up? The same as always – criminals.
(7:27 PM) very_tired15: What I do not understand is that if our government is acting in such a criminal manner, why is the “team” not having us put our own pressure on them. Why not take advantage of other governments putting pressure? After all, their citizens are also getting screwed.
(7:28 PM) very_tired15: dck.. that tax issue was a crock.. if it were truthful, then where is our money now?
(7:29 PM) very_tired15: I hear you Mach… why not bring out some of the heavy artillary… it is baffling to me too
(7:29 PM) very_tired15: Coach, AH said that Acca was likely paid at one time to deliver info in the unconventional Maheu fashion, but he does not know about now.
(7:31 PM) very_tired15: Summer, I do believe that money was collected and that it is designated for us. However, it is also my belief that the govenrment and the banks have and are still using it. They likely borrowed it and plan to pay us when repayment happens. It could be just as simple as the government getting money form the Iraqi Dinar.. although again, tyhat is my opinion. However, as many times that we have been delayed, it corresponds with the dinar delays.
(7:32 PM) very_tired15: ok aguil’
(7:33 PM) very_tired15: I do not know gmls… could be anything. If there is inbdeed a new currency comiong, the bad guys delay the dinar because they want it paidin old dollars to further promote the old system.. so they interfere

Read the whole chat here

Keep in mind that this is a wall street online forum, Not a dinar forum. It is my belief that Terry K was doing a search on dinar when he came across one of these forums. He made a post about what he read without understanding what he was saying. He did not know what anything meant. It was a CMKX share holder that happened to come across Terry K’s post. Here is what he had to say.

“I have invested in Cmkx and the Dinar, and I do believe that they are tied together and after I read this today I truly believe that. This is a post I found on one of the chats done in a Dinar forum. I had to re-read it. When I saw Global settlements and CMKX, I had to stop for a minute and remind myself that I was in a Dinar room. Notice that he says Global Settlements then CMKX and then he says, “dont know what that means” I was screaming!!!!!! I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!! YAHOO!!!!! post is below! check it out!! This is it all, we are so close that I can taste it!!”

He then goes on to post what Terry K said in his chat. I believe that Terry K stumbled in to one of these wall street forums and found the dinar referenced to CMKX and said his contacts confirmed this. That opened the door for all the speculation regarding CMKX, NESARA and every other theory that ties itself to the dinar. Be prepared! I believe that some gurus will tie CMKX into the real reason why the dinar has not revalued. They will say something like, CMKX and NESARA are the things that have been holding up the RV all along! Let me tell you now THAT IS A LIE!!! Take a look at what Terry K actually said.

CMKX has their own set of gurus. These guys pick out rates and dates for the payout of their stock. Let me give you just a little part of the last prediction.

There is a train for all this and the following is on the train… I have had this confirmed by one of the white knights who has been giving us information… you can believe this or not, it does not matter, but IT IS FACT… and matters not…
they are pulling the train and the cars are:
FIRST CAR====Prosperity Programs==Humanitarian Programs
and the white knight said i understand this and those who don’t understand should pay attention to what i am trying to say and help…
LAST IS THE DINAR… that starts the new banking system which turns on everything… and all gets paid at once…
And all those who bought dinars, well they cash out… and thus more money to help out the economies of the world…
If this is not done now, the USA and Europe will collapse with the rest of the world in 4, 5 months the most…make 1929 a picnic…
this is very serious…
pixie gets it… and understands…

2. Tramp understands very well what’s been going on; he is not alone – Pixie gets it, Deltadon gets it, Chucky gets it, etc. etc. etc.

3. I understand that you may not be happy with what’s going on. However, it is a fact and we are only a very small part of the pay-out scheme. We have had a great deal of ‘headwind’ in the past 6 to 9 months. Unfortunately that is putting it altogether too mildly. We have confronted, with added pressure from the “lien-holders” without which we could not have succeeded, the vilest, most contemptible, well financed forces for evil on the planet – we have won! A life changing event it will be for CMKX shareholders; more importantly, the world financial markets will be essentially re-constituted from the currency level up.

4. To put it another way, the World Global Settlements, including the US Dollar Refunding Project, are real. They are the instruments of change. They are part of a world wide re-distribution of wealth which includes some 20 countries revaluation [up and down] of their currency, which will become asset-backed currency. Yes, this does include Iraq which is the cheapest of the lot and therefore had [to prevent unreasonable manipulation] to go first. The very latest information indicates that it has revalued, that it will be posted on Forex sites sometime on Sunday, and will be fully convertible in the US by Tuesday.

5. Although CMKX payments were not originally part of the WGS, they were included by attachment earlier this year. However, be assured that CMKX moneys are not currently part of the WGS; I understand from a number of different sources that Global Intelligence of Las Vegas petitioned the US Supreme Court, in camera, just after Christmas to separate CMKX pay-outs from any association or attachment with the WGS. I understand further that the Court issued an Order for the Trustees to pay-out the moneys within 48 hours, which time expired on or before December 31, 2010. I have received further information that Global Intelligence has not effected said pay-outs, has been fined some $150,000,000 on or about January 4, 2011, and is presently incurring additional fines at the rate of $13,000,000 per week. I have not been successful in any of my attempts to secure explanation from Global Intelligence.

6. Although at first blush this lack of performance may seem potentially criminal in nature, I believe there is a reasonable explanation. I am aware, for example, that many of those I have previously referred to as ‘miscreants’ have in the interim been duly relieved of the money they stole [which has now been recovered by the US], are still feared by the new-financial-order people; the fear is that to the extent they can obtain cash/financing, they would use the IQD revaluation as a means of replenishing their war chests. There are other reasons related to the big picture, which may also play a part in this delay. I know this will come as a shock to some and seems unfair on the surface, but the fact is that we are but a small part of what’s happening [and must happen] to correct the financial imbalance in the world.

7. Several months ago, due to the on-going delays and increased ‘headwind’ the Joint Chiefs of Staff were appointed by the World Court to supervise the conclusion of the WGS; they were given a deadline of December 31, 2010. Based upon this and the progress that was being made in early December, I opined [which has been widely reported] that if I were a betting man CMKX would be paid out by Christmas. Unfortunately, not even the JCS were up to the task. Accordingly, on January 1, 2011 the World Court appointed one of the lien holders, China, to take charge and supervise the conclusion of the WGS payouts. They are currently in charge and proceeding to bring the matter to conclusion. I am currently advised that all will be completed by January 21, 2011

Now……..Friday January 21st came and went. No payout for CMKX and no RV for the Iraqi dinar. Does this sound like any guru you may no who hypes dinar sales through an immanent Revalue? This right up Terry K’s alley. These CMKX gurus are no better than our current dinar gurus! Read the whole thing here;read=193185

Now you may think that this has been a big rabbit hole, but believe it or not. we are still only towards the top of the hole. We will go even deeper in my next blog post. We will uncover a lot more! but for now… I am late for a very important date.