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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

The Rabbit Hole part 2
2011-03-25 23:56:12

In my last post we began a journey. This journey is going to show you what is really going on in the world. It will also reveal the true powers behind world government. We will also know what is going on with our investments. As we venture through this rabbit hole we begin to realize what is really at stake. You really need go through the first post on the rabbit hole before you continue on here. If you skip a post in the rabbit hole series then it is like watching a movie from the middle forward. You may have some questions simply because you don’t have the whole story. In the last post (The Rabbit Hole part 1) we only skimmed the surface and went a little in the hole. In this post we will go even further down the rabbit hole and observe the events in question. Read the first Rabbit hole post here.

The Stock Market

Once again we start at the stock market. In the last post we discussed how the stock market is rigged. We talked about short selling, naked short selling, monetization, and stock market bubbles. All of these things are tools used to manipulate the stock market. There is one thing that we have not really talked about or addressed. That is the power of the banking sector over the stock market. Some years ago the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury created something called The Exchange Stabilization fund.

This is a system to influence, control, and participate in the currency markets. This is an unconstitutional act, but it was approved by congress. This means that the Feds can enter currency markets around the world to influence and control the value of various foreign currencies. They can make any currency go up or down in collusion with privately owned central banks. On march 18th 1988 president Ronald Reagan signed executive order 12631 called the Working Group or Financial Stability. This is also known as the Market Control Group or the Plunge Protection Group.

The Fed and the Treasury collaborated on this and gained Reagan’s approval. The unit (Working Group on Financial Stability) operates in collusion with stock and commodity brokers to buy or sell certain stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies at certain times. The Working Group On Financial Stability operates in collusion with the market makers by flooding the markets with US dollars to buy stocks and reflate the market when desired. The Plunge Protection team has intervened with the stock market several times to prevent the market from tanking. When the market goes up insiders collect big winnings. When the market goes down, the tax payers (me and you) eat the biggest losses. This type of arrangement is a goldmine for the clique of money changers running things at the Federal Reserve, and the US Treasury.

This whole operation is nothing more than a price-fixing scheme which would be illegal for private citizens such as you or me to engage in. The Feds can get away with it through the permission of government officials and government leaders. While market rigging is practiced under the guise of protecting the US economy, the truth is that this is the process of manipulating markets in order to protect the money powers from the consequences of risky investments. Gold and Silver advocates have discovered that the manipulators have established paper prices for gold and silver simply on a basis for future markets .(monetizing, futures) It is becoming harder to find gold and silver, or certain other commodities based on the futures prices. That is why some people call futures prices, paper prices.

Consequently, most or all markets are not truly free and independent in terms of their primary motions!! The markets are setup and controlled in order for the fat cat, international bankers to make massive profits with the ups and downs in the markets. The big bankers engineer and direct these up and down motions by manipulating those markets. Since these markets are controlled by the big bankers (central banks) and their network of insiders, the unsuspecting public gets ripped off and cheated on a regular basis. As you can see through the links provided by this post. There are some great tools in their tool box for controlling all the markets!


Through out this blog we have covered oil. Now lets connect some dots. In Dinar discussions 1 we discussed that the resources of Iraq have been nationalized through Saddam. Here is a small portion of the information presented.

“The Iraqi government has nationalized it’s oil from IPC in on June 1st 1972

This makes the oil a nation resource. The money from oil goes directly to the Iraq government. This is why oil production is included to the IMF in the letter of intent with Shabibi’s signature. Oil is not the Only resource lets take a look at some others

Iraq, which successfully auctioned more than ten of its mega fields last year to international players, eying to leapfrog its oil exporting neighbors, has also turned its attention on gas production potential. Iraq sits on 112 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves and will like to monetize its huge gas reserves in order to further diversify its revenue basket.

The country, which currently lacks technology and infrastructure to capture associated gas, said in July it approved a $17 billion deal with Shell to tap associated natural gas in four southern oil fields. According to Energy Intelligence, despite an estimated 112 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, Iraq is producing only 1.5 billion cubic feet per day, of which some 700 MMcf/d is flared.

Here is the link,

It is interesting that Iraq is going to monetize its gas reserves to diversify it’s revenue basket. Saudi Arabia already does this with their oil. Iraq may too once sanctions are lifted. But sometimes to many futures could hurt supply and raise global demand.

There are also Sulfur crops

All of this goes to Iraq’s reserves. This is why Shabibi (CBI) and the MOF has to include it in their yearly report to the IMF. If you don’t believe me read the IMF report.

Now lets switch back to oil for just a minute.

Iraq’s known oil supply has increased to 143 billion barrels”

In the post The Role That Oil Plays we discussed and defined the petro-dollar. We also talked about how the US dollar is used exclusively to buy and sell oil.

We went in to detail why the dinar will not be used to buy oil from Iraq, and we talked about the importance of the Petro-dollar system to America. You can take a 5 minute recap by watching Jerry Robinson’s short video on this subject.

In the first rabbit hole post I included a video by Lindsey Williams. He was a Chaplin with the major oil companies in Alaska. He rubbed shoulders with the top oil executives in the world. He explained even more about this petro-dollar system. He also went into great detail about who profits from oil sales. He also talks about how the Arab nations that sell oil in US dollars also purchase US bonds and buy US debt with a portion of oil sales. He talked about how the IMF and World Bank are the middle men for oil sales that use the US dollar. His book the Non-Energy Crises covers this in detail. He goes on to say that there is enough oil in Alaska to supply the united states for the next 200 years.

In addition to this there is a lot more oil here in America that most Americans don’t even know about.,2933,349728,00.html

While some oil is being extracted in North Dakota, other sites have been shut down. Particularly in the gulf, many rigs were shut off as Obama tried to curb oil drilling. Ask yourself why?… Our whole economy is based on the petro-dollar system. Our worthless dollar is supported by this system. If we were to drill here in America then it would mean that the price of oil would drop, and this could possibly be the end of the petro dollar. This would affect the Arab nations. This would also affect the IMF and The World Bank because they are in a large part, funded by oil sales. This is why dinar will not be used to sell oil. This is why the petro-dollar is so important.

This whole thing with BP’s disaster has really benefited the petro-dollar system. Republicans blame democrats and environmentalist for the reason oil production is shut down in America. Democrats blame lack of protection measures used by greedy corporations and the Republicans. Now you know the real reason oil is not drilled in America. It is the petro-dollar!

CMKX Update

In the first rabbit hole post I gave an overview about a law suit concerning CMKM diamonds or CMKX. Now that you had a chance to review the links and research it on your own I will give you a little more history. In March of 2007 Urban Casavant resigned as CEO of CMKM diamonds and turned the company over to Kevin West. Around this same time CMKM was forced to go through litigation. In 2009 the department of Justice unsealed criminal indictments against Six individuals in what has become the largest stock fraud in history.

Former CMKX CEO Urban Casavant and alleged mastermind John Edwards, along with cohort James Kinney, transfer agent Helen Bagley, attorney Brian Dvorak, and Urban’s secretary Ginger Gutierrez were charged with five counts of securities fraud in the massive and complex scam, which involved the selling of over 700 billion shares of CMKX stock to unsuspecting shareholders for an estimated $250 million

In an update from Kevin West dated June 25th 2010. He breaks down 21 billion shares. These shares are electronic shares still being held in brokerage houses both foreign and domestic. On the shareholders list is Well’s Fargo which account for some 8+ million shares

It seems that in February of 2010 CMKM diamonds files a motion to add Well’s Fargo in the Lawsuit as a defendant. Apparently Wells Fargo was one of the depository institutions for master mind John Edwards. An officer of Wells Fargo assisted Edwards in obtaining medallion guaranteed signature stamps on a large number of blank documents. These documents were then used as supporting documents given to transfer agents to have stock issued and in some cases transferred to Edwards.

As I said in the last Post. There are some people who hold both CMKX stock and Iraqi dinar. Some of these people believe that the payout of CMKX is tied directly to the revalue of the Iraqi dinar. Now this is important. I did not say that I believe this. I said that certain people who hold both CMKX and Dinar believe this. Remember that all Mr. Hodges is asking for is the money the government took from those crooks who stole from legitimate shareholders. He is not asking the government to pay out money from tax revenue. So where is this money today, and is it tied to the RV of the dinar? I will address the payout of this law suit and how it relates (if it does relate) in the next rabbit hole post. I will rap up and conclude the report on CMKX. Talk about your cliff hangers!