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The Rabbit Hole part 4
2011-03-26 00:04:13

Welcome to the bottom of the rabbit hole. Welcome to the last rabbit hole post. I hope by now after going through all the information presented that you begin to see the world a little differently. I hope you had the time to click on all the links and view all the sources I posted with this series. I constantly tell people to do their own research. I tell people, “Don’t take my word for the things I say, research it yourself.” This time I took this one step further by providing just some of the links I have drawn my conclusions from. You need to know that all the things and events I have shared through out this series are well documented. The why to these events are strictly my opinion. If you have not done so, I strongly recommend that you read through the first 3 rabbit hole posts, watch all the videos, and click all the links. For what I am about to say is well resourced. It is based for the most part, on the multitude of links found in the first three rabbit hole posts.

Now I would like to express my views and opinions on the research presented. It seems to me that our leaders are not our true leaders. I believe that almost all our government officials are there to distract us from the true people running this nation, and even the world. The agenda is now clear. They want a New World Order. They want a one world government. This one world government will be an oligarchy. Members of an elite group of people. I know that in the 60’s oil was chosen to be a medium to finance, rule, and run this agenda. By controlling oil output and manipulating all financial markets, the elite fat cat bankers and oil men would be able to accomplish this goal.

What do we know?

Through entitlement spending and funding for wars the US debt began to spiral out of control during the 60’s. Nixon removed us from the gold standard in August of 71. This ended Bretton Woods, and brought about a system of fiat currencies with floating exchange rates. The energy crisis that operated in the 70’s was bogus. The real reason behind this was to apply limited drilling in the US which set up the petro-dollar system. This was done to give the united states dollar value. The completion of this led to Jimmy Carter starting the Department Of Energy.

One of the so-called missions of the Department Of Energy was to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. This department started with less than 100 employees. At this time, oil imports were 34.8 percent. The DOE has ballooned to over 16,000 employees. Foreign oil dependence has grown from the time this institution was started to 45% or more.

We know that the only reason our currency holds value is due to the petro-dollar system. Because other nations use our dollar exclusively to sell oil, nations who do not have oil resources need to find some way to obtain our dollar to buy oil. This places a higher demand for our dollar. In addition to this, the Arab nations that sell our oil using the dollar have also agreed to buy a certain amount of US savings bonds. In other words. They got to buy US debt! The united States has around 2 thirds of it’s currency in circulation overseas. It is in use and in demand in other nations because of the petro-dollar. Nations that don’t have our dollar have got to find some way to get our dollar so they can purchase oil. When the petro-dollar was first implemented in the 70’s our imports also began to rise. This is because nations sought to make products that they could trade for the dollar. As imports increased Jobs decreased! A lot of jobs were exported overseas. Entire textile industries went out of business or relocated to nations that could produce products for a lot less. A global commerce was being set up along with the petro-dollar. The price of oil began to rise due to the so-called energy crisis. Now the petro-dollar has outlived it’s usefulness. The real reason behind the petro-dollar was to set up and establish a global trade. Now that international trade has been established, and treaties have been signed. I believe you will see the petro-dollar fade into obscurity.

It is not just the oil men and the Arab nations making money off the sale of oil. There is also a middle man that sells oil. Lindsey Williams claims the IMF is partly financed by oil. So a portion of oil sales is going to finance the New World Order and the coming global government. This is why oil drilling in America is so controlled. We are led to believe it is the environmentalist, The Democrats, The EPA, and in part The Republicans who are responsible for shutting down drilling here in America. But in fact, It is entirely the fault of the petro-dollar!

It is important to note that the sale of oil is not the only way the IMF gets money. Here is the official report from the IMF on how they get their money. There are also a few links that give background on known funding for The IMF and The World Bank. I was unable to verify what Lindsey Williams said about IMF funding, but that may just be a matter of something that is not public knowledge or public record.

I have also made a great case to show that the stock market is rigged. They have tools that make the markets go up and down, They also have tools that protects what would otherwise be risky investments. These tools of the trade are, short selling, naked short selling, futures or monetization, stock market bubbles, executive order 12631, The Exchange Stabilization Fund, The Plunge Protection Group, and The Working Group or Financial Stability Group. The same Oligarchy that controls the oil also controls the Stock Market. This group is also the true power behind the Federal Government. They are also the ones behind the invasion of Iraq, There was a whole plan in place from start to finish before the first missile was ever even launched in Iraq. The US dollar and the dinar are a part of that plan. So now after doing all this research, I have two burning questions! 1. Who are the elite group of men behind the scenes? 2. What can we expect next?

1. Just who are this elite group of people? 2. How are they connected? This is not a total account of all the elite in control of our money, economy, oil, and governments. It is only a partial list. This is just some of the main players who have been trying for decades to bring about this New World Order.


A man by the name of Mayer Amschel Bauer was born in Frankfurt am Main Germany in 1744. He was the son of Moses Amschel Bauer. Mayer’s father was an itinerant money-lender and gold smith. After his father’s death Mayer went to work as a clerk for Oppenheimers in Hannover. Shortly there after he returned to Frankfurt and purchased his father’s business which Moses established in 1950. Mayer changed his name to Rothschild (meaning Red Shield)

Mayer Rothschild had 5 sons which began the Rothschild’s dynasty. The Rothschild family has become the richest family in the world. Their holdings are vast. They have operated many central banks over the years including the first two central banks that were in America. They own Reuters. Through Reuters they purchased the Associated Press. (AP) They control most of the main stream media. In addition to this they own Royal Dutch Shell. (Shell) The Rothschilds also own vast amounts of gold and the own every central bank in the world except 1.;wap2

For more information about the Rothschilds, click on Americas Money History at the top of this page. The Rothschilds also have many agents and associates that share their goals, (NWO) and do their bidding. Two of their agents are stock market guru Warren Buffet, and hedge fund guru George Soros. Warren Buffet is also associated with Goldman Sachs. A Rothschild institution


John D Rockefeller owned Standard Oil. In 1911 Standard oil faced an antitrust lawsuit. When standard oil was broken up into separate companies Rockefeller made a vast sum of money of the break up of that company. Later he was involved in the formation of the Federal Reserve. He also made a great deal of money when the stock market collapsed before the great depression. Rockefeller and his descendants have been involved in the formation of several global organizations. He donated the land where the United Nations constructed it’s head quarters. Rockefeller’s descendants also created the Trilateral Commission. Rockefeller help create the Council on Foreign Relations. Every congressman is a member of CFR with the exception of 3.


Paul Warburg is considered to be one of the founders of the Federal Reserve. Here is a brief background on the Warburg family.


It was Senator Nelson Aldrich who brought the Federal Reserve legislation to the senate. He is also the one who sponsored the Federal Income Tax amendment. His daughter Abby married John D Rockefeller Jr.


John Pierpont Morgan was born April 17th 1837. It is now widely believed that he was a Rothschild agent. He guided the panic of 1907 which helped lead to the justification for the formation of the Federal Reserve.

Now that you know who some of the elite are, lets talk about some of their agenda

In my opinion the main goal of this group is to bring about a One World Government. They call this a New World Order. In order to do this they may first create global regions, and regional currencies. The first regional currency was the Euro. The Euro was established by the provisions in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty.

Next regional currency we see to emerge is called the Gulf Co-operation Currency. (GCC) This will be an Arab currency.

I believe there will also be other regional currencies on the rise.

These regional currencies will compete with or replace the dollar. They will be a major part of currency baskets around the world. They will eventually weave all regional currencies into a one world currency.

Introducing the Bancor

It is obvious that this was the main goal all along since Bretton Woods after World War II, But the international globalist knew it would be hard to trash the dollar, and the change would need to be gradual. The world bank and the IMF would be the ones to issue this currency and regulate it in much the same way the central banks of the world issue and regulate currency today. Notice the play on words Bancor. (Banker) In addition to a one world currency there will be a world tax and a world tracking system.