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2011-03-26 18:06:02
residential Order 13303: Allows US Citizens to invest in the New Iraq . Under this Order and the Coalition Provisional Government Order 39, a US citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen

IRAQ (PRWEB) March 2, 2004 -- Investment in the new Iraq is guaranteed under the Presidential Order 13303 removing sanctions on investment in Iraq . The new order allows for a restructuring of the banking system in Iraq . US citizens are allowed to invest in Currency, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and Business in Iraq .

Iraq has a new currency to replace Iraq ’s two currencies, one of which was easily counterfeited and mostly circulated in a single denomination. Banks issue only the new currency and government employees paid in cash will receive their salaries in the new currency. Until January 15, 2004 the old and new currencies will circulate freely at a fixed exchange rate. Exchange between the old and new currencies is conducted at now charge at multiple exchange points around the country.

The other financial market structures are strong:

95 percent of all pre-war bank customers have service and first-time customers are opening accounts daily. Iraqi banks are making loans to finance businesses. The central bank is fully independent. Iraq has one of the world’s most growth-oriented investment and banking laws.

The new Iraqi dinar which is printed in the US and Great Britian, is valued at just 2 tenths of one cent today. The US treasury has a strong dinar policy and is working with the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) to reinstate a strong decentralized banking system in Iraq . By December 2004 there will be six Western Banks in Iraq and six Iraqi Banks outside Iraq in operation. In March Three banks were given licence to operate in Iraq, National Bank of Kuwait, HSBC Bank and Charter bank of England .