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SteveI Post: Peoples Dinar 3/24/11 (Ray’s Update)
2011-03-26 18:19:28

To all our great PD members, this is additional information we can share. We are working on more later today or tomorrow.

Please be patient and remain positive as we inch closer each and every day to the finish line.

Folks, it just does not get any better than this. My next post will be from DonnieR about the Arizona event. It is now time to get ready and start planning if you already have not. Please believe in our team as we have done nothing to earn nothing but trust from you.

Here is the information from Ray.

Here is the latest update on info that I just received from one of my guys. I asked him last night to check with his contact in Iraq and find out when the first shipment of the new lower denom dinar arrived. He found out that it arrived last January 25 and is being stored and guarded in the Green Zone. It hasn’t been there for five years as others are saying. He also told me that the three ministers will be presented and voted on to Parliament either Saturday or Sunday.
He also said that the government employees are receiving the new Visa & Mastercards now. The MOF employees got theirs and they are now giving the Transportation Ministry employees their cards. Not sure which ministry is next.

Last January I reported that a Turkish company had received a contract to remodel the seven hotels and rebuild the roads from the airport before the Arab Summit that was scheduled this month but has since been postponed until May. My contact told me that the Turkish company has begun that work now. They are remodeling the hotels, government buildings, rebuilding the roads and doing lots of landscaping in Baghdad. The Turkish company was not going to start the work before and be paid with the worthless dinar, but now they are working. I feel they are going to be paid with the new revalued dinar. I see these things as another step toward our final goal. Will report more when I hear it.

Have a blessed day.


Ray, thank you for all you are doing of us and the time you are spending to help guide us through this complex situation.

I find with the lack of news lately, this is wonderful and so positive. We are on the right track.

God Bless you and your family,