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RV/RI will happen
2011-04-02 17:40:05

I believe absolutely that the RV/RI will happen. The attached article does too. However, what is unknown by everyone is the date, the rate and the exact process of getting there.

I have come to believe that there are actually two “mega games” going on – not just one. Iraq wants to get back into the world community of international trade as a sovereign nation. For that to happen, the international community in the form of the IMF, the UN and the Paris Club hold the trump cards, and they are essentially telling Iraq what they have to do to be allowed back into the game. (Note: IMF=International Monetary Fund. The IMF and the UN are essentially controlled by US interests. The Paris Club is an informal association of banking and financial officials from 19 of the worlds largest economies including Western Europe(14), North America(2), Russia, Japan and Australia.) This is the mega game that is easily seen, and the one that gets all the reporting.

I believe the second mega game that is going on is the biggest legal theft in history. The worlds international financial community is anxious to steal the ownership of Iraq’s oil, natural gas and agricultural assets for as little cost as possible. In this game, Iraq holds the trump cards, and their biggest trump card is that the international community does not want the world at large to realize what is really going on. What is really going on is simple.

Iraq is arguably the richest nation in the world in terms of its natural resources – oil, natural gas and agriculture. In 1990, Saddam Hussein gave the international community a golden opportunity to “take control” by invading Kuwait. That 1990 righteous war happened so fast that the international public were not supportive of the “international allies” staying in military control of Iraq long enough to “get the job done” – the militarists had to go back for a second war in 2001. All through the years of these last two decades, the international community – through the imposition of UN Chapter 7, economic and financial sanctions and military occupation has indirectly controlled Iraq. Now, the PLAN.

First the international value of the Iraqi currency was depressed to near zero. Second, (after removal of Saddam Hussein) the New Iraqi Dinar was reprinted … in the many trillions – because its value was so low. At the same time, what existed of the Iraq economy was trashed by war – with the “need” for the international community to do so greatly assisted by the bickering and insurgencies of the various warring factions of the Iraqi people. Next the major banks and major governments of the world set about “supporting” Iraq and its re-development attempts to get back into the world community and at the same time stocked up on the valueless New Iraqi Dinars. This stage was set very simply by the IMF and the US Government “allowing” US brokers and people (and subsequently other countries) to speculate in buying, trading, owning and holding the valueless New Iraqi Dinar.

Now, the final stages are set to play out – the re-instatement or re-valuation of the Iraqi Dinar … i.e., the increase in monetary value of the Iraqi Dinar from $.00086usd to in the order of $3.22 – $16.00usd (according to the attached article) – in increase of at least 375,000% And when that happens, who will own Iraq’s resources? The people who own Iraq’s money – and to a significant extent that is already not Iraq. It is the foreign currency reserves of the worlds major governments and the asset bases of the worlds major banks.

We private people who hold a few Dinars are pawns in the game. By speculating in the Dinar, we give legitimacy to the PLAN. What happens when we “cash in”? We exchange our actual physical Dinars for local virtual Bank Credit – numbers in our bank accounts. And where do the actual Dinars go? They go into the bank’s vault and onto the asset side of the Bank’s balance sheet. And what do the governments do? – they tax us and the banks … in order to pay back their loans with interest to their commercial bankers!!! And what happens when we spend our new found wealth? We give legitimacy to the PLAN and our local economy recovers. And when all the dust settles, who is/are the ultimate winners … the international commercial banking system – that’s why the RV/RI of the Iraqi dinar is an absolutely sure bet. Only the date, the time and the process of getting there are unknown.

So, as I similarly said in a Dinar News sometime back, regardless of all the deadlines set by the IMF, the UN, the Paris Club, or anyone else, and in spite of all the intelligence, information and analysis put forth by the various dinar watcher websites, the RV/RI of the Iraqi dinar will happen when all the major players are satisfied they’ve got the best deal they can possibly negotiate for their own interest group. The only interest group that could possibly rush this is the only group that has no interest in rushing it at all, because they win regardless of how long it takes – and that is the world’s international commercial banking system. And for the largest number of people to never suspect who the real winners are it is important for the process of the world’s governments helping Iraq to get back on its feet to take as long as it needs to.

The good news is that all indications are that the RV/RI day is very close. However, this is a tremendously complex situation and every step taken identifies other steps that must be taken. I’m glad all I have to do is cash in when the time comes.

Anonymous (I took the name off to protect this gentleman)