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CNH: Iraq meets the requirements for membership in the WTO
2011-04-05 09:36:24

Currency Newshound Commentary: The title to the article suggests Iraq has met its application objectives in order to become a full member of the WTO.

The WTO has asked Iraq to work toward its development in the private sector (manufacturing, agricultural, etc) so as to compete equally with other WTO members once a full member which logically makes sense.  Therefore (according to this article) Iraq is set for full membership but it must improve its private sector for future trade prior to becoming a member.

Iraq has been working dilegently on its private sector development over the past 6 to 12 months.

The United States is working directly with Iraq (according to this article and others) in order to ease Iraq into WTO full member status.


Completed the National Committee to join the “WTO” operational scheme of the legislation requested by the Organization of Iraq to be an active member in it.

A member of the committee affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce Qais Maiov Radio Free Iraq that the Committee had completed this plan, which includes 27 paragraphs between the law and the draft law, and the preparation of initial bid for items based on the law of customs tariff, after more than six years on Iraq’s membership as an observer in the Organization world trade.

The organization had asked the Iraq plan legislation this operational capacity in the economy before joining it, to keep pace with those adopted in other countries that fall under its banner, has helped the United States in Iraq that this legislation.

And the Associate Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development Saif speaking in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that Iraq ended nearly 80% of the legislation concerning the file services, and 90% of the file health in both its public and vegetation, and ended the draft intellectual property law and the initial offer of goods, noting that the U.S. Agency Development pledges support for Iraq to organize the World Trade Organization.

And fall under the banner of the World Trade Organization, based in the city of Geneva in Switzerland, about 52 countries, focused its core mission to ensure that trade flows as smoothly as possible, convenience and freedom, the only organization competent international laws on trade between nations.

According to a member of the National Committee for Iraq’s accession to the WTO measured Maiov that Iraq will work on the development of productive sectors before joining the organization, after he had finished the operational scheme of the legislation, so as not to drown the goods, and can compete with countries that fall under the banner of the Organization for its product.