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Gankans Post: G.E.T. 4/4/11 (Compilation of Intel)
2011-04-08 01:45:40

GankAns Latest Intel- 4-4-2011 From The Get Forum
« on: Today at 07:39:15 AM »Quote Disclaimer: This is not Intel from Gankans, just passing along intel from others.
I hope this helps.

[1:34:07 PM] moto: hours later—> Ok, From my 2nd Call to my Tax Collector Friend which had Lunch Today with member of US Treasury team that was in Iraq, but now home in the U.S. He Stated- Be Patient, Rate is already posted on CBI. I REPLIED!! WHAT, i dont see it…

HE Laughed and said You Won’t see it, Your looking at original CBI website. There is a NEW CBI Website they built with much more technology to handle what it needs to handle to communicate within the Banking Industry on a global basis.

New site is Built but only avaliable to the IT Teams, and other entities directly related to the release of RV, and stepping onto the global platform. The New Site HAS NOT BEEN made LIVE or Published to the public.

That will not happen until things are in full swing and running smoothly. They ( IT Teams) are monitoring things and will publish site when ready. Which old site will disapear at that time. OK My thoughts , WOW, OMG, makes sense. I guess there really is no need to be going to the cbi website..

Subject: Timing….
Date: Monday, April 4, 2011, 1:03 PM

[POPPY2] Mikki-Rn hey girl I have just had two calls back to back one was treasury info person the other IMF and both stated the same thing RV in process and will be released as soon as Iraq banking system is ready to go. what was thought to be ready was not .

The hold up has nothing to do with a minister period that is smoke . They have built a new web site and entire IT system throughout the banking industry in Iraq and when it is finally fully functional the release will be released .

THIS IS WHY OUR TREASURY IT TEAM HAD STAYED BEHIND. REMEMBER? POPPY2 Rest easy friends I am very encouraged before the WTO meeting we will be cashing in or at least be making our appointments that at the latest is 3 days POPPY2


Date: Monday, April 4, 2011, 2:40 PM

FROM GET CHATroom niftyfifty Everyone This RV process is and has been out of human hands for a couple of days. No one person is responsible.

The name of the procedure in the last part of the RV program is called “Optimal Time Insertion of Data” and that is what I was just told by a contact. It is in the last phase of the RV portion of this computer program. **************

The title says it all. It means the best and most effective time to insert the code that activates the global RV. When the optimal program completes then the RV of the IQD with new rate will show on every financial screen within 6 to 8 hours.


bluwolf] Protocol its all about protocol
[solidgold]Am I correct in assuming that it is just working it’s way through the system?
[bluwolf] All I could say is that there is alot of buttons being pull,alot of banks involve
[bluwolf] Yes that is correct
[msjeta1] bluwolf would the main hub in Switzerland be the main location for this?

[solidgold] bluwolf So do you have any estimate of time frame?
[bluwolf] 900 banks and yes sr

[JeffM] bluwolf with all these people/banks involved, you don’t think there is any way this would have leaked into the mainstream media by now?
[bluwolf] Around 12 to 2 tommorow

[solidgold] bluwolf That sounds wonderful 12 AM to 2 AM ??
[bluwolf] Gag order
[josepi] bluewolf AM or PM?

[bluwolf] Pm sorry big fingers small cel [
[solidgold] bluwolf So just clarifying – you’re saying around noon or early afternoon tomorrow EST? [bluwolf] Yes I am

[bluwolf] Look to much data,everyone must be in the same page, and then is a go
[bluwolf] This is time consumming
[bluwolf] I wish the best for all

[bluwolf] Well a sign at 5 pm est it will be 12 am in Iraq things could happen
[bluwolf] Wto all voted yes yesterday
[solidgold] bluwolf Ok – so are you saying it is possible we might see something yet today?
[bluwolf] Exactly see ya
[bluwolf] must work


[okie_oil_man] good afternoon america and ships at sea.
Normally i do only 1 post a day and then answer a few questions then whish–i’m gone. 2 or 3 days ago i decided to share with you some private e-mail’s since we’re all family and should have no secrets from each other. I have received all the rumor e-mail’s floating around that i am sure you have read the same thing.

Well–i will share my e-mail’s on the basis of it not being my personal intel but rather information furnished me by others. 1 of the most interesting e-mail from bagdad today was that 2 of the 3 ministers was presented and accepted in parliment today and the remaining minister will be approved tommorow (tuesday)–even tho i have been told many times before the gov was seated–evidentially it was not–this seems to be in conjunction with iraq’s need for a gov to be formed previous to the wto meeting on the 7th or 8th
(i have heard both as being dates–i am not sure of exact date).

And yes it now appears the iqd will be compared with the euro instead of or in conjunction with the usd. I have been furnished a new and higher rate today than was furnished me for the last 10 days. It appears that kurdistan has been a problem until today when concessions were made to get them on board as far as new laws proposed on revenue sharing and ministeral seats.contrary to popular opinion—no—shabbi is not locked in the mens room without toilet paper. (i knew you would laugh)

seriously tho–it is furnished me that we are only days if not hours away from the r/v and watching the cbi website will be of no use since a new and private web-site for the cbi will only be viewable by a select few and that is on a subscription basis.

The information i am posting is from those in the position to know what they are saying and not just idle rumors that seem to be flying fast and furious at this time. If anymore intel that has substance and is confirmable–i will share–remember–i am only a messenger–nothing more–i share as it is given unto me–god bless you all and godspeed the RV.