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SteveI & Ray Update: People’s Dinar 4/8/11
2011-04-10 20:51:52

Rays Update by SteveI April 8, 2011
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:43:57 PM


Just got off the phone with my contact and have a little bit of news to share. Found out that Citicorp officials are still in Baghdad having meetings with various people. They are talking about investing heavily into Iraq by building new banks, investing in apartment buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

They are also going to join Warka Bank and Trade Bank and work with them. Citicorp people have been in Baghdad working on the banking system also. They have worked on it to modernize the system. They said they are almost done. The banks in Iraq will be able to do wire transfers, they will have updated websites, etc.

Also, a new stock exchange building is going to be opened in either May or June. It is four stories tall and will have a brand new stock ticker screen and new computers and everything. It is close to the old stock exchange building.

Also, Chinese oil execs and Japanese oil execs are in southern Iraq signing oil contracts in the Nasaria(spelling) area.

My contact also told me that you cannot go across the borders with more than $10 million dinar. Said Jordanians have been coming across and trying to buy as much Iraqi dinar as they can.

My contact at the Citigroup meeting asked one of the people there about the revaluation. He was told that it is happening soon but the guy did not have a rate or date. He only said that dinar would be going up. He also told him about the new dinar being stored in the green zone and also that new coins had been minted also.

I feel, along with my contact that the RV is very, very close now. Will keep you informed as I find out more info.



Ray, thank you for all you are doing of us and the time you are spending to help guide us through this complex situation.

I find with the lack of news lately, this is wonderful and so positive. We are on the right track.

God Bless you and your family,