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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Nighthk11 Chat: DV (Private Site) 4/15/11 2:30pm
2011-04-17 11:26:08

2:35 PM [Nighthk11] Hello DV- Hope all are well- LG please consider that no one holding the cards will give up their aces- If he was given the correct info on what they had decided on then he would have inside info that he could use to get richer

2:35 PM [Nighthk11] Ali has reduced his “Buy Back Rate” as I am told- lots of dis-information

2:35 PM [lgtennis] i hear ya night thanks sooo much

2:37 PM [Nighthk11] Now we must wait and see if info I received from UN contacts is accurate in stating that Iraq has been granted a rate to what the dinar was valued at in the 1980′s of between $2.85 and $3.00

2:38 PM [Nighthk11] Now SFC Diaz’s posting indicate that the ball is now in parliaments pocket to get this done

2:39 PM [Nighthk11] Shabs is more than ready to get this out- and IMO went to Basil to see for himself if all is done for the dinar
2:40 PM [Nighthk11] His visit to the US and UK centers on commerce and business investment- he did this 13 months ago with a visit here- now to get that investment he must produce something concrete- that is dinar revaluation a rate and date of coming out to these people or there will be no investment

2:41 PM [Nighthk11] These actions on his part IMO are indicating that all is done and the dinar emergence is now not a matter of speculation but a fact

2:42 PM [Nighthk11] The rate: should they come out low on reval- companies and individual with money to “Play” with will own large parts of business in Iraq

2:43 PM [Nighthk11] Therefore they must re-establish the rate at a point where it will be of benefit to both Iraq and also large enough to attract investment for profit

2:43 PM [Nighthk11] They could very well come out at a rate a little beyond the euro- but the rate at this moment is higher than the dollar- They have already stated that over a year ago

2:44 PM [Nighthk11] with the advent of progress made by way of contracts signed and private sector attention- debt settlement- I believe the base rate to be what I was told that is #3.00

2:45 PM [Nighthk11] I am not saying that this person is wrong- because he is stating what he was told- I am saying that the information he was given is what they want put out

2:47 PM [Nighthk11] I have always stated that I watch what they do as opposed to what they say- Ali’s actions are very telling to me as he has moved 180 degrees and basically become negative as to our aspirations

2:47 PM [lgtennis] that is very true lately night!!! and that is very telling

2:48 PM [Nighthk11] There are many, many articles on different sites concerning a LOP and re-denomination in which people are saying the 25,000 dinar note will only be worth 25 dinar

2:49 PM [Nighthk11] Should they attempt to do this in any way- they can kiss the DFI funds and assets being held in various countries to be subject to immediate litigation for claims by nations that have forgave debt

2:49 PM [Nighthk11] An action of this type would go against the original plan to assist nations in stabilizing their markets and currencies

2:50 PM [Nighthk11] Each nation that GW Bush had to place dinar in their reserves would in fact be devalued- as opposed to a raise in value that would further support their currencies and assets

2:52 PM [Nighthk11] The value of $3.00 is in line with ME nations and place Iraq at least on an equal footing- The dinar outside Iraq is not an issue with shabs as it will be returned to CBI in a controlled state- this may take years

2:52 PM [Nighthk11] In other words- there will be no run on the bank

2:53 PM [Nighthk11] This agreement is sanctioned by IMF-WTO- and WB as well as UN-US-UK

2:54 PM [Nighthk11] Now we are seeing negative articles and people’s opinions concerning the dinar- IMO to get folks to drop the currency and get out- Not so- Hang tough

2:55 PM [Nighthk11] The plan that was composed by these people is far more intricate and well established that any one of us could imagine- they did not go to all this so Iraq could LOP

2:56 PM [Nighthk11] It was designed to transfer the wealth of a nation that could support this kind of change to RESET the world’s economies- that is what we are seeing now with so many nations set to REVALUE- to do this it must be backed by tangible wealth which Iraq has

2:58 PM [Nighthk11] They have repeatedly stated that they want the dinar to be strong and powerful- A LOP will not do this- nor coming out at 5 or 10 cents which would insult the economical mindset of many nations- not to mention incur their wrath

3:00 PM [Nighthk11] So I would take what is being said with a grain of salt- look at what we have discussed and what we really know and go from there- My perspective is that everything is done and we should see something concreter this month- Shabs cannot go to these meetings without a positive piece of info as to what these people are expecting

3:02 PM [Nighthk11] I am thinking that he must be ready and these meetings are to acquire investment as well as what the investors can expect by way of profits- no one imo will invest millions and in some cases billions for 10 cents on the dollar it is just silly

3:03 PM [lgtennis] night i have a question when you are done

3:03 PM [Nighthk11] so please stay grounded as the door is closing fast and everything is coming together- at least hold your dinar until it comes out

3:03 PM [Nighthk11] Yes LG?

3:03 PM [lgtennis] has it been confirmed that CBI approved the RV

3:05 PM [Nighthk11] YES- that is why it was sent to parliament because they need government approval to place currency in place that does not have the 3 zeros- it is in fact a “Change” of currency which can only be approved by parliament

3:05 PM [lgtennis] ok that’s what i thought thanks again for everything

3:06 PM [Nighthk11] Pleas folks hold on- do not be dismayed by what is coming out- if it in fact does show up at a rate slightly higher than the euro- ok we still made out ok- Thanks all BBL