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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Unknown Author: Tidbit of Rumors (Found at One Dinar)
2011-04-17 11:29:19

OK, there’s just way too much stuff coming in right now to forward it all on. A lot is confusing because it’s so much info in such a condensed space, so I’ll just sum everything up, and you’ll just have to trust me that I know what I’m talking about. LOL Smile

There are now over 30 articles, all with slight variations, on the draft law for removing three zeros being presented to Parliament for a vote. The latest articles put it in the past tense, that the council of ministers has already sent it on for a vote. The latest article uses the phrase “finishing touches” on the removal of three zeros.

Frank is predicting Monday, which is pretty rare for him, because he looks stupid when a date comes and goes. Most of the rumors run from today through Monday, based on an article that now has Shabibi and the Minister of Finance in the US to discuss the economic situation in Iraq. The article talks about Obama having some good ideas for Iraq (GOD HELP US) after they get the DFI funds back to hasten the development of the private sector. Both Shabibi and the MOF are meeting now only with Obama but with the IMF (a requirement for a LOI to RV).

Lastly, Iraq itself has declared no extension on the DFI funds, which means all of this must be done posthaste.

The rate is anywhere from $.86 (if there is no RV and just a removal of three zeros — which I highly doubt) to $3.86+ due to inflationary increase. I believe an RV will put it in the mid-$2 range, basketed with the USD, the EUR and the GBP. Either way, my suggestion is to cash out as quickly as possible. Frank is now backtracking on what he’s been touting for nearly three years: it is not an RI, but an RV. Thank you very much. I hate being right all the time. Ha ha ha! J/K Wink

I mean this sincerely, in the greatest of likelihood we can know, I believe this RV will occur in less than two weeks, and strongly lean toward this upcoming week. Even if the Parliament procrastinates, we know with no DFI extension, it’s immediate. These articles prove the RV is a done deal and will happen. There is no conjecture anymore, and Shabibi is not even trying to hide it. They have point blankly told you what is going to happen (we just don’t know the rate). You are all about to be blessed immensely. Praise God for His goodness.