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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Baghdaddy Neal Email: Winds of Change
2011-04-17 21:15:31
Greetings DD, from the sand dunes of Iraq.
Earlier this week the worse sand storm in recent history blew across Iraq.  Several of our bases were hit hard with high winds, choking dust and sand, and the most ominous blood red tint to the sky. It looked like something out of a Stephen King novel.  I believe it was an “omen” of things to come.  The “winds of change”, if you will.  If you believe everything you hear, see, and feel in your gut….the Blessing will soon be bestowed upon us.  I can confirm the one posting I saw a member state about an increase of entry visas into Iraq going from $2.00  to  $80.00 USD. That was communicated to us from corporate just days ago.
We are seeing more and more Iraqi business being conducted at the bases now. There is definately a change coming about as we view the world from behind the “T” Walls.  Rather it is hours, days, weeks, or even months away…..we WILL see an RV soon.  I honestly believe that will occur when we least expect it.  I just want to continue to encourage your members to remember it is “more blessed to GIVE than to receive”. Remember those around you that are less fortunate than you are. This historical event is an opportunity for you to show true compassion for your fellow man.  HE will be watching from above.
Go Dinar! Go RV!!!