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Iraqi Dinar Buzz Updates

Scooter Chat: Dinar Vets 4/16/11 3pm
2011-04-17 21:16:03

3:01 PM [Scooter] China has agreed to increase their value and has come to terms with the G20
3:01 PM [davhina] Scooter ok
3:01 PM [Scooter] To me — that’s goooooood news
3:01 PM [Scooter] very very gooooodly
3:01 PM [Scooter] pleasantvalleySunday noooo cherades
3:02 PM [Scooter] I always break something
3:02 PM [Cyn] Scooter What is the significance of the Singapore reval??
3:02 PM [davhina] Cyn good question
3:02 PM [Scooter] hmmmmmm
3:02 PM [davhina] big rv scoot
3:02 PM [Scooter] where to start
3:02 PM [Scooter] ok
3:02 PM [davhina] big
3:02 PM [Scooter] Singapore —- who does singapore export with
3:02 PM [Cyn] davhina
3:03 PM [davhina] Scooter china
3:03 PM [Scooter] who’s their biggest cusotmer
3:03 PM [Scooter] China
3:03 PM [davhina] china
3:03 PM [Darin] US?
3:03 PM [Scooter] correct
3:03 PM [gizmo] Yep .. China
3:03 PM [Scooter] 2nd question
3:03 PM [Scooter] Would it advantageous or disadvantageous to increase your cost to your biggest customer
3:03 PM [davhina] Scooter not
3:04 PM [Scooter] exactly
3:04 PM [Darin] The big-customer threw me off.. Figured the U.S. is a “big” customer when other countries “export”
3:04 PM [Scooter] that one was easy
3:04 PM [Scooter] ok
3:04 PM [Scooter] with that
3:04 PM [davhina] next
3:04 PM [Scooter] if Singapore is increasing the value
3:04 PM [Scooter] they know something
3:04 PM [Scooter] obviously
3:04 PM [Scooter] that happend yesterday
3:04 PM [davhina] yes
3:04 PM [davhina] they do
3:04 PM [Scooter] and today China Agreed to increase significantly
3:04 PM [Darin] Their claim was simply to fight inflation…. And they made note they would do it again if necessary
3:04 PM [Scooter] so
3:05 PM [Scooter] what that means is the whole Eastern ASIA RV is going to go down at that point
3:05 PM [Scooter] if and when China pulls the trigger
3:05 PM [Scooter] about 19 countries will pop —
3:05 PM [Darin] They all are in a similar basket, correct? Meaning they would nearly need to??
3:05 PM [Scooter] it was planned 24 months ago
3:06 PM [davhina] Scooter ? and
3:06 PM [Cyn] Scooter Was IQD in that basket??
3:06 PM [Scooter] for the first time China has a problem with this bubble that’s about to burst
3:06 PM [Scooter] their GDP numbers are heading south
3:06 PM [davhina] Scooter   that is good
3:06 PM [Darin] Cyn – IQD would likely belong to the M.E. basket (One reason why Guru’s claim their IQD value would have to be similar to local countries)
3:06 PM [Scooter] and inflation just hit over 5%
3:06 PM [Scooter] they deserved that
3:06 PM [Scooter] IQD was not in that basket no
3:07 PM [Darin] The price to pay to continue to leave the value undervalued, huh?
3:07 PM [Scooter] well — right now their equilibrium pt is showing 35% – 40% undervalued
:08 PM [Scooter] now — this is important for several reasons —-
3:08 PM [Scooter] one the trade deficits that have accumulated can be addressed
3:09 PM [Scooter] and two — my personal theory on this one — The Trifecta Can now resume play
:09 PM [Scooter] like I said — personal theory — not anybody elses
3:18 PM [angelsunaware] davhina looks like it may not have been Shabs afterall
3:18 PM [davhina] cost me 100 dollars to diesel up my truck
3:18 PM [Scooter] emotion alone with Libya and Egypt should have it around $145 – $150
3:18 PM [Darin] davhina in reference to how much M.E. unrest, speculators would have pushed it thru the roof..
3:18 PM [davhina] Scooter that is no low
3:18 PM [angelsunaware] Scooter where u livin at??? Gas cost a fortune here!!
3:18 PM [davhina] not
3:18 PM [Darin] Normally middle east disrupts push it up high….
3:19 PM [Scooter] but why is it between $110 and $120
3:19 PM [gizmo] WTI Crude 109 .. hi was 110
3:19 PM [Scooter] there’s been no volatility
3:19 PM [Scooter] thanks giz
3:19 PM [Scooter] Precisely my point
3:19 PM [Scooter] why is it so low
3:19 PM [davhina] Scooter cuz we dont drill for our own
3:19 PM [davhina] that is why
3:19 PM [davhina] we are foolish
3:19 PM [Scooter] Just curious — I don’t have an explanation
3:20 PM [davhina] Scooter i do
3:20 PM [Scooter] it’s just very very odd that you have unrest in Egypt with the Canal being used to supply alot of Europe
3:20 PM [gizmo] Too many politicos messing with the world markets. Who pays the price?… the consumer IMO
3:20 PM [davhina] gizmo no
3:20 PM [davhina] we do
3:20 PM [Darin] Speculators could fear by pushing the price to 150+ would crush our economy… And some M.E. people do not care for US people & may continue to uprise to economically crush us.. How is that for a thought??
3:20 PM [Scooter] and the unrest in Libya — hitting European supply
3:20 PM [angelsunaware] Scooter do you have an opinion??
3:20 PM [garlando] Scooter; because speculators haven’t driven it up like they did last time when it went up to $140/barrel
3:20 PM [davhina] europe been paying for years
3:21 PM [Scooter] I think there’s some serious interference being done right now
3:21 PM [angelsunaware] Scooter could you elabarate on that???
3:21 PM [Scooter] but Why ?
3:21 PM [davhina] Scooter i think we are pathetic
3:21 PM [Scooter] why haven’t they
3:21 PM [davhina] as a country
3:21 PM [gizmo] davhina ,, European don’t have to drive a 100+ miles a day .. maybe 10 at the most
3:21 PM [Darin] But, how would a low- price of crude effect the RV?? That the speculative market can hold the value down forcing them to RV if neccessary?
3:21 PM [americangirl] setting up for rv?
3:21 PM [Scooter] americangirl americangirl americangirl americangirl americangirl
:22 PM [davhina] gizmo they have been paying big $$ for years
3:22 PM [Scooter] Well done — that’s just a theory —
3:22 PM [Scooter] no proof
:22 PM [gizmo] davhina .. again they drive very few miles a day .. compared to us
3:22 PM [Scooter] but yes — it could be related ….
3:23 PM [davhina] Scooter oil per bbl ammt?
3:23 PM [davhina] yes set up
3:23 PM [davhina] i think for rv
3:23 PM [davhina] no proof
3:23 PM [Darin] Well, what about the prevention of profits from speculators who buy in instantly when unrest happens and make a simple quick 50% above their initial investment.. – Meaning, lets hold the value down so speculators quit pushing the value of crude up…
3:24 PM [Scooter] The speculators don’t have enough money or power to do something like that
3:24 PM [davhina] thanks for being here Scooter
3:24 PM [Scooter] it’s a central bank or several central banks