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Dinar Central: Why don’t we hear about this on the news?
2011-06-09 12:51:10

I get asked this question a LOT.  I am going to express some thoughts here, then I will post some links for you to see that we DO sometimes see it in our media here in the US.  The problem is, people dismiss it as they do not understand it and our media does not spell it out cause IMO they CAN’T.  Here are some thoughts…

- Just imagine for a moment if every novice-savvy investor DID know about this investment.  Where do you think they would put their money???  AND What would that do to our financial systems here in this country?  Think of the stock market, what would happen to it if suddenly everyone sold their stocks and bought the IQD!  Guess what??? It’s the same across the board!  Our systems here would be DONE!  The powers that be will NEVER willingly allow this to happen!

- From the time we are kids till we become adults, we spend (or are supposed to anyway) 14,000 hours in a schooling/education SYSTEM.  Who’s SYSTEM do you think it is?  AND what do you think would happen to that SYSTEM when suddenly millions of people who were taught to be employees become millionaires overnight?  YUP!  You guessed it!  The SYSTEM falls apart!  Do you think THEY want that???  My guess is NO WAY!  Therefore, it would make sense to keep this somewhat quiet, wouldn’t it?

Guys and gals, there is more that comes to mind with this, but I think those thoughts alone should put you in the right thinking mode on this investment to answer that question for yourselves.  You have to remember that this investment was a PLAN, and it was a PLAN for our country, the world, and CERTAIN individuals.  Somewhere over the many years of execution of this PLAN, word leaked out to the common man (you and I) and here we are.  So, be GRATEFUL you are involved because IMO you will NOT see anything like this again in our lifetimes.  I hear whining and complaining all the time from people online and all over that don’t like waiting… GUESS WHAT?? It’s NOT ABOUT THEM and it’s NOT ABOUT US, it’s about Iraq, their people, and the rest of the parties/countries involved in the PLAN.  Okay, I went off on a bit of a rant there… Sorry… Anyway, here are a few links that you can see some past presence of this investment in our media…

- September 2nd, 2010: Rudolph Coenen speak to Sean Hannity live on the show.  Rudy is a former V.P. of the one of the financial sectors of J.P. Morgan Chase.  He now owns his own investment firm and specializes in foreign countries/currencies.  I do NOT know him personally, but I have followed him as a HIGHLY TRUSTED source because of his knowledge and experience.  He also is NOT a pumper like some, he is very realistic when it comes to this investment.  

- Sometime in 2008: Ali Agha, owner of Dinar Trade Inc. (the place many of us purchased Dinar) makes his way onto an interview with CNBC.  Remember that Ali has to be VERY careful about what he says as he is the owner of a currency dealer… 

Here are a couple more I don’t have dates on, but it’s safe to say they are a couple years old I would say..

- CNBC Recommends Investing in Iraq

- Jim Cramer on owning IQD Currency

I hope this post helps some with their belief levels in this investment.  Remember to stay patient, grounded, and GRATEFUL.  Have an awesome day and I will be trying to keep up on posts this weekend so stay tuned.