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Hillary Clinton: The time is right for America to deal with Iraq, Encourage US investors
2011-06-09 12:56:01

Arbil, June 6 (Rn) – The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said on Monday that the time is right for America to deal with Iraq, a business opportunity, and encouraged U.S. investors to expand their investments in Iraq, according to the network (RTT news) international economic environment.

Clinton said, in a speech at an economic forum attended by directors of major American companies to look for investment opportunities in Iraq, the U.S. government will provide all forms of support to the corporate sector to invest in Iraq. “
It added that “the U.S. Embassy and consulates in Iraq encourages the commercial activities in all parts of Iraq, as do the Foreign Ministry’s attempts to project the success of American companies,” according to the same source.Clinton repeated the commitment of the administration of President Barack Obama, turning Iraq into a strong, democratic and Dhi developed economy, so as to provide for the people of Iraq, stability and prosperity, at the time of the intervention of U.S. relations with Iraq, a new phase, as the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, James Jeffrey stepped up its efforts to open the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Iraq.

She explained U.S. Secretary of State that he “will be opening the U.S. consulate in Erbil and Basra, which will facilitate the work of American civilian experts with their Iraqi counterparts and supports the work of American businessmen in Iraq over the coming years.”

According to the International Monetary Fund, even though Iraq has a plan to overtake China in growth over the next two years.

She pointed out that “while preoccupied with the Turkish companies, Chinese, French, Jordanian, Iranian, the development of projects in Iraq, we see a small number of U.S. companies in Iraq by the military and diplomats.”

She said, “Iraq seeks to rebuild all aspects of the country’s economic, not only the oil sector, but agriculture, transport, housing and the banks.”

It noted that “the Iraqis are doing everything they can from it in order to provide jobs and investment to local and foreign investors.”